Big fun Bob

wieck.jpgIn my story that will run Saturday about a Fremont trade mission to China, I mention that the trip caused some unforeseen political strife when Mayor Bob Wasserman had to cancel.

Councilman Steve Cho said Chinese officials could see the mayor’s absence as a slight. And considering that part of the trip is on a Chinese holiday, he decided not to go. (Cho is running against Wasserman for mayor in November.)

With no Wasserman and no Cho, and with Vice Mayor Bill Harrison already saying he wouldn’t go, the duty fell to the loquacious Councilman Bob Wieckowski, who originally had been picked to replace Wasserman.

For those of you who’ve never met him, Wiekowski can fit about six jokes into one sentence and string hundreds of sentences together without coming up for air. He’s most definetely funny, unless it’s closing in on 10 p.m. during a council meeting and he has the floor.

I asked about how he thought he’d do with the Chinese on Thursday, and he gave me one of my all-time favorite Fremont answers. “I am a colorful personality. I come across as a serious, yet lighthearted, which is kind of the element they want. ”

Then he added for good measure, “I am big fun Bob.”

Extra, Extra: PETA will anounce the winner of the Cutest Vegetarian Alive contest on Monday. Good luck Ashley Peterson.

Matt Artz


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