peta5.jpgKristi Yamaguchi can sleep peacefully tonight; she’s still Fremont’s reigning sweetheart. Ashley Peterson of Fremont got smoked like a sausage in the finals of PETA’s Cutest Vegetarian Alive competition, even though she converts 95 percent of the carnivores she dates.

Kelly Anderson of San Antonio, Tex. is your champion.

Had Ashley won, she would have been the high-pitched voice of young vegetarians everywhere and possibly the next top PETA model.

Now it’s back to the grind for the 21-year-old aspiring voice-over artist. And for the Tri-City Beat (TCB),  its time to focus more on hard news and less on objectifying young, female vegetarians. Thanks for the memories, PETA.

It’s been mentioned around here that Ashley might have been jinxed by her constant exposure in the TCB. Similar hexes do exit.

We’ll find out for sure about this supposed Tri-City Beat curse later this year when the TCB starts flagrantly campaigning for the surefire next mayor of Fremont: Linda Susoev.

Matt Artz