Minuteman voting guide

I actually did write a story about local minutemen running for the county’s Republican Central Committee. It should be in Sunday’s paper.

For all you Tri-City area Republicans out there, here is a voting guide for the committee.

If you want to vote Minutemen, the five candidates are:
Paul Reeder
Michael Sites
Ileen Peterson
Charles Bartlett
Lois Jean Davis

If you want to vote for people who aren’t Minutemen, but are part of the same slate, the candidates are:
John Bartlett
Adam Brink
Joshua Daugherty

And if you want to vote for people who aren’t Minutemen and have no connection to them, the candidates are incumbents:
Jeffrey Wald
Karen Kay Wind

I’m guessing Fremont Councilman Steve Cho will be voting for the incumbents. You might remember he attended a Minuteman-organized candidate forum a couple of weeks ago that he didn’t realize was a mostly minuteman event. Here’s how it went, according to Charles Bartlett. Continue Reading


Measure K in Fremont?

We’re publishing a story this weekend I wrote about how the Measure K vote in Union City could impact whether Fremont chooses to put a similar parcel tax for public safety before voters. Don’t expect anything this year.

The one (and probably only) thing I found interesting was that at least two council members have already had a “brief and informal” talk with police union representatives about asking voters to approve such a tax.


Parade’s gonna happen

UPDATE: I got the figures wrong. Wasserman got $30k, which when combined with the Wells Fargo donation equals $40k for the parade. 

Just talked to Bob Wasserman.

He raised $35,000 for the parade. When combined with the $10k from Wells Fargo that’s $45,000 — enough to stage the July 4 parade in Centerville.

Robson Homes gave $15k and the A’s gave $10k.

This is probably one of those times when I pose a question, and nobody responds, but here goes: Does The Argus cry wolf too many times about these non-profits threatening to cancel stuff if they don’t get a lot of donations?

I’m thinking of most recently of the Symphony. I feel like we do a lot of these stories, and either the organization never ends up going under or the event always ends up taking place.

Actually, it seems like the only way to guarantee something will happen in Fremont  is if The Argus writes a story that it’s imperiled.


Me Stupid


In my story in today’s paper about the 4th of July Parade, I gave an incorrect phone number for Patty Hitchcock. The correct number is 510-376-7563.


Wells Fargo to the rescue

Wells Fargo just emailed me that they have donated $10,000 to Fremont’s cash-strapped Independence Day parade. That puts the organizing committee a lot closer to reaching its threshold for going ahead with the parade.


Put on your boogie shoes

You’re way too young to remember the song that headline refers to if you’re an intended attendee of Friday’s “All City Sixth Grade Dance” at the Silliman Center in Newark (pictured with our logo, by the way).

The fun runs from 7 to 9 p.m. and costs $5 per student. Wristbands to get in are available at Newark schools and will not be sold at the door. Preparation will mean the center is closed from 5 p.m. until the dance.

Besides getting down, as your parents maybe used to say, those who come to the dance can enjoy the teen game room and a photo booth. For more details, call 510-742-4406.

Right on!


Reno, a better place than Fremont to raise children

Yay, more meaningless magzine rankings. The men’s magazine Best Life listed the top 100 cities in the U.S. to raise children, and Fremont ranks 38. Hard to argue with that.mother-scolding-bad-boy.png

Higher ranking cities include Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, San Diego, San Jose area, Sacramento, Plano Tex., and of course Reno, which was ranked 31 under the magazine’s fool-proof methodology. I think they multiply student test scores by the number of slot machines.

Fremont did rank higher than Hayward (93),  San Francisco, Worcester, Mass., Seattle, Antioch, and my adopted hometown of Berkeley (40). I guess it’s a good thing I don’t have kids.

I’m now trying to find rankings for the best city to raise a cat.

For more on the Best Life rankings, click here.


More on Fremont 4th of July Parade

I just talked to 4th of July Parade Organizer Patty Hitchcock. She said she’ll pull the plug on this year’s parade if organizers can’t raise at least $14,400 by Monday. That would give them $25,000 — not enough to hold a parade, but enough to at least pay deposits for parade vendors, she said. Last year’s parade cost nearly $60,000.

In prior years her donation request letters have resulted in hundreds of checks. However this year, she has received just six checks totaling $1,600. When added to what’s left of the money carried over from last year, the organizing committee has just $11,600.

A lot of the big developers aren’t giving money this year, she said. Fremont Bank, which last year donated $5,000, so far hasn’t offered any contributions. Even The Argus stopped helping out. We used to give them $5,000 worth of free advertising, but we stopped doing that last year, Hitchcock said.

For info on making donations, click here.