More on Fremont 4th of July Parade

I just talked to 4th of July Parade Organizer Patty Hitchcock. She said she’ll pull the plug on this year’s parade if organizers can’t raise at least $14,400 by Monday. That would give them $25,000 — not enough to hold a parade, but enough to at least pay deposits for parade vendors, she said. Last year’s parade cost nearly $60,000.

In prior years her donation request letters have resulted in hundreds of checks. However this year, she has received just six checks totaling $1,600. When added to what’s left of the money carried over from last year, the organizing committee has just $11,600.

A lot of the big developers aren’t giving money this year, she said. Fremont Bank, which last year donated $5,000, so far hasn’t offered any contributions. Even The Argus stopped helping out. We used to give them $5,000 worth of free advertising, but we stopped doing that last year, Hitchcock said.

For info on making donations, click here.

Matt Artz

  • Coyote Bill

    Why not down size the 4th of July Parade to
    local high school bands and local organizations. Do we need Macy type ballon figures?