More parade stuff

Fremont Planning Commissioner Sue Chan, who was part of Fremont’s trade mission to China, emailed me to say that several of the smaller parade donors are Fremont companies that do business in China. Here’s her list:

Delta Products Corporation            $2000 

Phihong USA                                     $2000

Nouvelle Bistro/Vantec USA          $2000

Bizlink                                                 $1000

ASI                                                      $500

I also got a call from a teacher who thought it was nice that the A’s , Wells Fargo and Robson Homes gave so much money to the parade, but wondered if it would have been better spent on local schools which are all facing major budget cuts. At least the gas companies should help out a little, she said.

Matt Artz


  1. Many companies have money set aside for charitable distrubution which is kept separate from their business budget. And you can’t take money from the charity budget and put it into the general business budget. So really one should say, not only is it nice that they do charitable giving but that they gave it to Fremont. And as individuals we should do the same – be sharing with those less fortunate than us whatever our own situation is. A great teaching opportunity for whoever is in your household – not a grousing opportunity.

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