We got it right!

UPDATE: The East Bay Express has corrected their mistake online as of Friday (see link below).

In Thursday’s The Argus, we will have a round-up of Newark-related election news, including the outcome of retiring city schools Superintendent John Bernard’s try for a seat on the county board of education.

Barring a possible editing mistake, the story will explain that Bernard came in second place in a three-way race for the Area Three trustee seat in Oakland.

Other newspapers, namely the East Bay Express and Berkeley Daily Planet, reported on their Web sites Tuesday that Bernard would head to a runoff in November because winner Ken Berrick got less than 50 percent of the vote.

But county Deputy Registrar Cynthia Cornejo assured me that the seat is chosen by plurality, meaning the candidate with the most votes wins. So there’s no runoff.

So wherever those other reporters got their information, it’s wrong, unless the official source is wrong. Maybe they just assumed there would be a runoff, but the old journalism adage is “check your facts” — as in with the registrar’s office.

So who cares about Measure K, we’re keeping the Newark news straight. (Now I just hope nobody finds an error in my story.)

Here’s some more about Bernard, if you want it.

Todd Brown

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