Owner of Naka Nursery/Mission Mission Adobe Garden Center is dead at 83

naka1.JPGShigeharu Nakamura died of natural causes on Tuesday. He was known as Mr. Naka to customers who shopped at the Niles District nursery he owned for more than 30 years.

Washington Hospital’s Nakamura Center in Union City is named for him.

We’ll print an obituary this weekend.

Matt Artz


  1. Mr. Naka was a very generous man who was always willing to help out James Logan High School’s student body by lending us beautiful plants for our prom and other events. This year’s plants were exceptional.

    He will be truly missed by our Leadership students. Thank you for everything, Mr. Naka!

  2. Another Fremont landmark bites the dust in the name of Development.
    It is time for a change of our City Councilmembers
    We need councilmembers that enhance the lives of Fremont residents, not the Developers!!
    Become a Charter City ?? Seven Councilmembers instead of five, elected by districts. Hmmmm

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