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The fellow on the left is Chris De Benedetti(sp?), who was Fremont reporter for The Argus back when we used to pack the paper with 10 Fremont stories a week.

Then I took over.

Chris set a record in 2006 for most stories written about a city’s 50th birthday. We hear he still mumbles “Celebrate Fremont” in his sleep.

Anyway, after going MIA for nearly a year to work on a book, Chris stopped by the office today with cookies and Noah’s bagels, which, by the way, pale in comparison to PJ’s over at Paseo Padre and Capitol.

Chris spent most of the last year in Hells Kitchen and Spanish Harlem, NYC, but that isn’t what the book is about. The book, which he co-authored with a friend who could command a publishing deal, is called “GameFace: The Kick-A$$ Guide For Women Who Love Pro Sports.” It’ll be in stores this October. For more info, click this link to Canada’s Amazon.com, which misspells Chris’ last name. The U.S. Amazon.com page doesn’t mention him at all.

Matt Artz

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