Fremont Unified appears to back off abstinence education

Just got a call from the ACLU saying that Fremont’s school district is poised to change its abstinence-focused sex education curriculum in the middle schools, which the first amendment group says likely violates California law.

Earlier this year, CBS5 did an investigation, which found that the sex education program in Fremont middle schools had been developed by Await and Find, a pro-abstinence group that received federal grants for abstinence only education.

 The CBS5 report said that students were given charts showing that condoms fail 12 to 16 percent of the time when the actual failure rate is about 2 percent.

An item before the school board tonight requires that, among other things, the district:
1) Use a comprehensive sexuality education curriculum which includes abstinence discussions.
2) Train teachers in comprehensive sexuality education.

Matt Artz


  1. Await and Find is an excellent health education program, and I would hope the Fremont school board will see the value in their program.

  2. Nothing like using a trash journalist’s report as the centerpiece of your story. Anna Warner’s coverage of this situational was not fair and balanced, and was created as nothing more than sensationalism to attract viewers.

    The Await and Find curriculum used by Fremont Unified is 137 pages long, and it is NOT abstinence-only education. It is comprehensive, and covers the choices available if sexually active. It is not afraid to recommend abstinence, since that is the ONLY way to guarantee prevention of STDs and pregnancy.

    The single statistic (out of a 137 page curriculum) that is cited as controversial is also not incorrect. Condoms fail only 2% of the time when you put it on a testing machine that does nothing more than stretch it out repeatedly. In the real world, when you consider improper application before sex, breakage, slippage, and improper removal, the “failure” rate skyrockets. A 10 percentage point increase is probably conservative. Anna Warner is too stupid to recognize the difference.

    Await and Find is doing good work, and having their name dragged through the mud was only done to serve Anna Warner’s desires to be the next Geraldo Rivera. A real journalist would have had the integrity to address this situation fairly rather than whoring themselves for commercial purposes.

  3. Well we have heard from the far right, they are a endangered species.
    Any comments fron the left?

  4. Fremont Unified need not cower at the ACLU’s usual bullying and grandstanding regarding its abstinence program. If due diliegnce had been done in the beginning, the ACLU would have discovered all data (including that concerning condom failure rates) in Await and Find’s program materials were compliant with Centers for Disease Control standards.
    In fact, Await and Find’s program is so compehensive and well- crafted, it is now being used as the template for another country’s sex education program, which will reach more students than the are in the entire state of CA! Fortunately, the ACLU can’t reach that far.

    I’m wondering what all the hype is about—seems this is a philosophical, not a factual fight.

  5. The Await and Find program is not only biased and full of outright LIES, it does not meet California standards and should absolutely be replaced.
    I am shocked that we have allowed our children to be subjected to this as long as we have!
    Many thanks to CBS5 for exposing this insidious policy right in our town!

  6. Fremont Parent…would you like to try quoting the lies, or are you sure its lying because it doesn’t throw condoms at kids and tell them to go have fun? Just because you’re liberal doesn’t mean you HAVE to be a fool.

  7. Well I have read through the curriculum and considering the vast array of research validated materials available, this AW
    falls drastically short in content.

    Personally, sex ed in our home is very thorough and part of daily discussions.

    The best resource I have ever found online is scarleteen.com.

    Mostly I like the site because my kids and I can read through it together and really have important discussions.

    The big winner there for helping our teens to delay sexual debut was the “big checklist”

    It really helped them to see beyond simply the heat of the moment and approach their sexuality holistically and respectful of the fact that their choices impact not just them.

    Oh yes, and the site gives a far more comprehensive education about sexual response. Sad to see that the await and find depicts girls as having none.

  8. James said “Just because you’re liberal doesn’t mean you HAVE to be a fool.”
    But you have to be a fool to be a conservative! Ha, that said, you can call me names all day, but for the record, I am a Moderate Independent, but enough of the tit for tat. Lets get to the issue at hand. Now that the public is aware of the shameful deceit that is the Await and Find curriculum, it is time for the Attorney General to conduct an investigation into the whole scandal. Those responsible for allowing Await and Find curriculum should face a penalty and possibly jail time.

  9. “In the broadest sense, a fraud is a deception made for personal gain. The specific legal definition varies by legal jurisdiction. Fraud is a crime, and is also a civil law violation. Fraud, in addition to being a criminal act, is also a type of civil law violation known as a tort. A tort is a civil wrong for which the law provides a remedy. A civil fraud typically involves the act of intentionally making a false representation of a material fact, with the intent to deceive, which is reasonably relied upon by another person to that person’s detriment.”

    Those responsible for allowing Await and Find curriculum to be instituted in a public place of learning should face appropriate consequences.
    Personally, I do not appreciate the State (in this case through the School District) spreading disinformation and blatant lies to my children.

  10. Fremont Parent, you are being absolutely ridiculous. This is simply a disagreement with the methods and ideology used by “Await and Find”. If you are for jailing everybody who disagrees with your biases, then so be it. Just please realize that your views are kind of out there. So don’t surprised if they are met with hostility.

  11. Marty, what about the word “possibly” do you not understand? It was a biased curriculum that has been proven to consist of lies, pseudo-science and propaganda that is at the heart of this disagreement. No Sir, to despite your personal attacks, I am in the mainstream of our community. Further, it is your lack of outrage that a special interest group can use possibly illegal stealth methods to institute lies and disinformation upon our youth is what is “kind of out there”. Sorry to break it to you , but this isn’t Kansas, the Earth is not flat, creationism is not a science and teenagers (and adults as well) need to know all their options in regard to sex.

  12. Fremont Parent, I’d agree that most Bay Areans pride themselves by adhering to their version of a “progressive” ideology, I can say for certain that only a fringe minority would be in favor of jailing those who they disagree with.

    So, I’m sorry to break it to YOU, most of your neighbors aren’t fervent Leninists. (By the way, I’m a Scientists from California, not a creationist from Kansas)

  13. Again, Marty, “possibly” does not indicate what you portend. Surely, a man of Science is able to decipher the meaning of words? But, you need something to grab onto since you cannot define a position on the issue. That said, since you find yourself unable to participate in reasonable discourse, you better go back to Kansas.

  14. The question with regard to Await & Find, is:

    Are schools that are using the program in compliance with the California Education Code?

    And the answer is clearly “no”.


    Outside of that, there is much room for personal debate on how we all feel about the subject of sex education, what should be talked about and how etc.

    Our public school classrooms, however, are the appropriate forum for that debate. Unfortunately though, that line is crossed often.

    As parents we need to be sure to check for ourselves about the credibility of those outside “people” teaching our students.

    One way to do that is to see what is online.

    Sadly, here is just a bit of what I found at the Await and Find website:


    Sampling of Primary Skits

    The Newelywed Game – couples Jack & Jill and Ken & Barbie compete, while answering potentially embarassing questions like: How many sexual partners did you have? and Has your wife ever had any STD’s? Theme: Choices today affect tomorrow

    Hans and Frans – a spoof of the “Saturday Night Live” characters who come out to rally students and pump up their self-confidence, encouraging them to say “no” to their “stoop-ed” friend when they pressure them to have sex or do drugs. Theme: Self-confident teens have an esaier time saying “no.”

    Muffy, the STD Slayer – characters are confronted with a disease called HPV. Muffy and company learn that HPV can lead to cancer and kills more women than HIV in the U.S. Theme: Some STD’s are incurable and have dire consequesnces.

    “Soap Opera” – Jake, who has a girlfriend, fends off the sexual advances of Veroinca, a tramp, who wants a man she cannot have. Theme: How to say no to someone who wants only your body

    back to top

    Schedule a Presentation

    To Schedule a presentation at your school, church or organization site, please download the presentation request form (in PDF format). Complete the form and return it to us or e-mail us at chaos@awaitandfind.org.

    Pardon my dismay, however, being a parent who has prepared, and am now sending, my children to UC Santa Cruz and UC Berkeley, the medical inaccuracies and gender biases here are appalling. My kids would have been laughed off of College Board with such nonsense.

    Furthermore, given that AWAIT and FIND is receiving millions of dollars for their work I would expect they would put some of those resources, if not to quality content of their program, at least to someone who knows how to use spell check for their Internet site.

    I would also expect that any outside “expert” teaching a specialized subject would actually hold some sort of related certification or degree in that area of expertise. To the best of my knowledge, AWAIT and FIND CREATOR, Angela Griffiths is Chiropractor.

    In questioning some of the AWAIT and FIND content I also contacted Dr James Trussell at Princeton University to query him about the medical information at the A&F website regarding emergency contraception. His response to me was that the information was completely inaccurate. (feel free to contact him about my query)

    Disseminating inaccurate information to a classroom of twenty or thirty students is one thing. But to disseminate potentially life threatening medically inaccurate information on the Internet is unconscionable and deserving of serious public scrutiny.

    I applaud Fremont Unified for removing Await and Find from its classrooms. Not only does the program violate California State Education code, it also works to undermine the education of our children. Many of whom are aspiring to attend our very own UC’s here in California where AWAIT and FIND busies itself with miseducating our young people.

  15. For those in doubt, here is the actual AWAIT and FIND so-called-medically accurate information about EC followed by the response I received from Dr Trussell Princeton as a result of my query.


    AWAIT and FIND FAQ’s to parents:

    “Shouldn’t I tell my daughter about the “morning-after” pill in case there’s an emergency? Make her aware?

    Yes. Encourage her to use it? You may want to know more first.

    The morning-after pill, otherwise known as emergency contraception, consists of a cocktail of high-dosage hormones, which can be taken up to 72 hours after intercourse. The pill “works” by either preventing ovulation or blocking implantation of an already fertilized egg. However, the morning-after pill offers no protection against sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS.

    Some states (including California, effective January 1, 2002), allow pharmacists to dispense Mifepristone, known as the morning-after pill, without a prescription.

    Physicians that oppose the morning-after pill being available without prescription are concerned about the lack of physician oversight, counseling and safeguards for contraindications or complications.

    Side-effects of the morning-after pill can include:

    * nausea
    * vomiting
    * infertility
    * breast tenderness
    * ectopic pregnancy, which can be life threatening
    * blood clot formation

    If you are interested in obtaining more information about the morning-after pill, you can do a search on line and find many varying perspectives. Just use your favorite search engine and type in “morning-after pill.”

    << Back to Contraception

    We Matter

    resources glossary legal privacy site map
    Peer Chaos


    Dr. Trussell to Renee:

    From: James Trussell [mailto:trussell@Princeton.EDU]
    Sent: Monday, November 12, 2007 10:47 PM
    To: srbj4@comcast.net

    The information on ECPs is nonsense. First mifepristone (called Mifeprex in the United States) is not available in any pharmacy even with a prescription. It is used for medication abortion and is distributed only to doctors who perform abortions. Second, of the list of side effects, only three (nausea and vomiting and breast tenderness) are correct.

  16. correction from previous post:

    “Our public school classrooms, however, are the appropriate forum for that debate.”

    should have read:

    Our public school classrooms, however, are NOT the appropriate forum for that debate.

  17. I am sure my child will be the first to raise their hand in class. I have frequent conversations with my children about sex, drugs, and rock n roll. Sure they are 10 and 8 yeas old but children today are not dumb just look at the TV “hello… Viagra”. I’m sure not going to let the FUSD tell my children about sex that is for me to teach and the TV lol. Also, I don’t wait for the FUSD teachers to Mteach the curriculum either Math English ect. Parents are stupid to wait for someone to teach their kids about sex anyway.

  18. Fremont may not actually do away with Await and Find- be aware of that.

    By the way, whether you like Await and Find or not, the truth is that if they are accepting money from the Federal Government, they are abstinence-only (CA does not accept money due to the fact that they opt for comprehensive sex education). Abstinence-only is illegal in CA, and Await and Find is not in compliance.

    Debating what you believe is not appropriate here- the law is the law. If you do not accept the law on comprehensive sex education, fight that in the legislature.

    Many of Await and Find’s citations do NOT coincide with the CDC. They quote a Medical Institute that is a non-profit religious agency, not an actual medical hospital or governmental agency.

    Please visit the following governmental sites to confirm regarding funding:



    Here is another site where she gets funding from:

    She was quoted as saying: The government in California may not support abstinence, but the parents and the students and the school districts really do and they cannot stop asking for more. (GOING AGAINST CA LAW)

    Anyway, more funding (2001):

  19. Anon, thank you for the information! Where is the Attorney General on this one? Await and Find is breaking the law and should face the consequences.

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