No gay marriages scheduled yet for Union City

gay1.jpgYou may remember that Union City this year began hosting civil weddings at City Hall for people who didn’t want to travel all the way to the justice of the peace in Oakland. Starting tomorrow the city must also officiate gay weddings, which would be a nice story for us, except for the fact that so far no gay couple has inquired about scheduling a wedding there.

I guess if you’ve waited years for the right to marry, you might want to do it someplace fancier than the Council Chambers.

You may also remember that Councilman Jim Navarro, a church-going Catholic, who has officiated hundreds of civil weddings, was the man who pushed hard to bring civil weddings to City Hall. He told me Saturday that he has no problem with gay marriage in Union City or anywhere else. “I hope to do the first one,” he said.

Matt Artz

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