Bye bye batting cages …

golf.jpgAfter 17 years Karts-N-Golf is likely closing for good this Sunday. The funky little family fun center at the 34805 Ardenwood Blvd. near the Newark border is going to be turned into a parking lot for a bigger and better Ardenwood Park & Ride bus center. Once it closes, the nearest batting cages will be in San Jose, San Leandro and Redwood City; the nearest mini golf will be in Milpitas.

Karts-N-Golf’s manager, Darrell Gillo, has been trying to move the batting cages somewhere else in the Tri-City area, but hasn’t found any investors, and it looks like time is running out. Unless it gets a one month reprieve, which Gillo said looks doubtful, Karts-N-Golf will start selling off its merchandise next week. Anyone who collects fiberglass animals or mini-golf structures should stop by.

I’m sad about this, but, then again, I don’t have to commute by bus over the Dumbarton Bridge every day.

I’ll save the sentimentality for Cat Stevens.

Matt Artz

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