Argh, the swashbuckler could really turn a phrase

I mentioned in a post last week that The Argus had just four reporters, down from 11 in 2000. I spoke too soon. Our company made 29 editorial employees walk the plank Wednesday including our best feature writer and third-best poker player, Todd R. Brown.

Todd covered Newark, Ohlone, ethnic communities and pirate stores. Now, I guess, he’ll wander the streets of Fremont looking for decent salmagundi.

You’ve probably read recently that the newspaper business seems to be in Davy’s grip. Revenue is down, circulation is down, newsprint is up, and our parent company has some debt issues.

The lubbers are supposed to meet next week at corporate headquarters and figure out what this will mean for the three of us still here. For now, though, I am your Fremont, Newark and (shiver me timbers) Union City reporter.

Fair Winds, Todd. Fair Winds.

Matt Artz

  • Doug

    They’ll probably attempt to figure out some way to cover your beats from offshore. But then, that might mean lowering their hourly pay to meet yours…
    L.A. Times is laying off 250.

  • Jon Simon

    That’s terrible. We need local coverage from professional reporters. If you read this blog or the Argus site and don’t get the paper edition, subscribe!

    Something ANG needs to think about is, why should people buy the paper when they give the articles away for free online? Locals subscribe to the Argus for the local news. If that information is only available to subscribers, people will be more likely to subscribe.

  • Mpoor


    The majority of people that subscribe to a hard copy vs. going on-line are two separate audiences.

    Pulling the web site will only serve to limit the readership to only those already subscribing.
    New readership is going to have to come from the web.

    (hard copy readers are a dying breed.)
    Soon the only people that read a physical newaper will be the same people that use a phone book to find a plumber.

    The local papers have to find another way to make their income.
    The environment has changed, and like anything the first ones to adapt will be one ones to thrive.

    The argus should move the opposite direction.
    Provide a really great web site with local information. Reviews for local businesses, local products and of course local news.

    If they were clever, their site could be the first place I look when I want to find a plumber…

  • Jon Simon


    I’m not disagreeing with you now. That post is from 2008. If they had any chance to change, they missed it. I just hope Matt Artz keeps his job as long as possible.