County Grand Jury cool to Dumbarton Rail project

One month after the Santa Clara County Grand Jury issued a mostly critical report on the Dumbarton Rail Project, the Alameda County Grand Jury has issued its own report. The grand jury didn’t say the project should be scrapped, in fact it didn’t really say much at all. It did express concern that “funding projections for this project were significantly understated in the voter guide.”

If it is ever built, the rail line would send trains from Union City’s BART station across the Bay to the Redwood City Caltrain Station and then to San Jose and San Francisco. With money tight, the plan is now to complete a rail line from a future station in Newark to San Mateo County.

The Grand Jury didn’t think that would accomplish much, and said that turning Union City’s BART station into an intermodal transit hub (BART, Dumbarton Rail, ACE, Capital Corridor) should be a county priority. That is already Union City’s top priority.

To see the grand jury report, click here. The Dumbarton report starts on page 35.


Matt Artz

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