Summer school blues

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell today held a press conference to highlight the negative impacts of state budet cuts on summer school programs.

“Some districts that offer summertime intervention programs for English learners cannot afford to keep their classrooms open. Even schools that are just scaling back what they offer will begin offering classes only to students who need to complete courses in order to graduate. This means that students looking to get ahead or improve their grade point average will not be able to do so,” the superintendent said.

I decided to check with our local districts and learned that in Fremont, the number of elementary campuses offering summer school was reduced from five to three. With fewer campuses operating, class sizes at the elementary level had to be increased from 30:1 to 35:1.

In other words, the kids that are in summer school — the low-performing students who are most in need of the extra time with their teachers to help close the achievement gap — are expected to learn in classrooms that are even larger than what they’re used to during the school year.

image from SailPeachie’s site at flickr.com

Linh Tat

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