People, put your food waste in the big green bin!

Apparently some single-family homeowners haven’t quite figured out that they’re supposed to transfer their food waste from the little food bin to the big green yard waste bins.

Union City Mayor Mark Green said that Albany, Emeryville and Oakland are getting county grants to put stickers on the big green bins alerting homeowners to put their food waste inside. Right now, Dublin is the only Alameda County city with the sticker, Green said. Union City might try to get a similar grant.

In Union City, some people put the little green food bin on the curb rather than dumping into the big yard waste bin, said Councilman Richard Valle, who runs the non-profit that handles the city curbside recycling.

Matt Artz


  1. I am one of those residents…

    Don’t know what to do with milk/juice paper cartons..
    still don’t know– do they go in recylcing or green waster or trash?

  2. Food soiled paper products can go in the green can too? For the past three years I’ve been licking my damn plate clean to avoid having to keep a food waste container in my house.

    This is going to be life changing.

  3. pizza boxes can go in the green garbage too. I think the only thing they don’t want in the compost bucket is protein, esp in the form of meat. Their websites have ideas on how to make the little compost bucket more palatable.

  4. Thanks Jon – confused our own compost with the city’s.

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