I’m in Great Neck, NY again saying hello to friends and family and goodbye to a very special place.

It’s kind of hard not to blog from my parents’ house since I’m the only one here on west coast time, and I’m intimidated by any television set with more than six working stations.

You may have noticed that I’ve blogged about Fremont nearly every day for the past six months. You’re probably as sick of me as I am of documenting gas prices at the Shell Station next to Argus headquarters. (BTW, regular was $4.49 as of 2 a.m. Wednesday.)

So, I’m going to lay low for the next 10 days. I’ll be in the woods of New England trying to prove that we Long Island folk can rough it as good as anyone.

It’ll be just me, my tent, sleeping bag, Indian food in a bag, several tissue packs because my post-nasal drip never takes a vacation, my favorite pillow, and — thank G-d — my NorCal girlfriend, who unlike me, grew up doing this camping thing and actually knows what she’s doing in the great outdoors.

If I see a moose, I’ll find a way to post a picture of it here asap. Otherwise, I’ll be back by the end of the month.

Matt Artz

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