New Haven board calls special meeting tonight

UPDATE: The school board has named David Pava the interim superintendent. Pava, 59, was the deputy superintendent this past year and has worked more than 30 years in New Haven. A story will be in Friday’s paper.



In case you didn’t catch our breaking news story online, the New Haven school board has called an emergency meeting for 7:30 tonight to discuss naming an interim superintendent to replace outgoing schools chief Pat Jaurequi.

Jaurequi said she wasn’t actively seeking a new job, but the opportunity came, and she accepted the position over the weekend.

A story in tomorrow’s print edition will have some more details.

Linh Tat


  1. Good luck San Juan! Unfortunately, I taught under the callous leadership of Jaurequi and left because of it. During her tyrannical, ultra-conservative leadership, nicknamed “Hurricane Jaurequi,” and “Bush” she spearheaded numerous changes w/out heeding community needs or protests and overhauled, uprooted our district. She may have conveniently accepted NHUSD teachers’ contract which didn’t ask for much, was idolized by a disconnected, myopic school board but dedicated teachers, students abhorred her. At a funeral for a student who was killed on a school campus, insightful students said of Pat’s attendance, “why is she here, she doesn’t care.” She cared about corporatizing and dehumanizing education As an alumni of NHUSD and former teacher, I am glad to see her go. As a result of Pat’s leadership (and board friends) I have taken my saddened disposition and will return to a revered Ph.D program to discuss the effects of nefarious leadership in education. San Juan can have her. Poor community.

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