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UPDATE: Here’s an excerpt from a Lowe’s Senior VP Gary Wyatt to Lew Wolff:

“Lowe’s HIW, Inc. is greatly concerned about this project because it will have a detrimental effect on our customers and ultimately our business as a result of both traffic and parking complications.” 

“…In this instance, we have significant concerns with the impact of this proposed project on our community and its citizens.”

We still don’t know whether a major tenant like Lowe’s has some clause in its lease that could enable it to complicate the ballpark village plan. I wonder if Lew Wolff anticipated that getting opposition from big business.

Here’s a story that will run tomorrow:


Matt Artz

  • Marty

    For those unsure if Gary Wyatt’s concerns about our community are legitimate, it appears that he lives and works in North Carolina.

  • bbox321

    So – let’s see Marty – only those that reside in Fremont have the concerns of Fremont at heart ???

    I agree with you – you are spot on – and using that same logic, I should not trust the “predictions” or “forecasts” of the Wolfes since they dont reside in this city. Great thinking !

    BTW – I’m really pleased to see that Mr. Wolfe has finally woken up to the fact that pedestrian “flyovers” across the Automall intersection will be REQUISITE . . . . what a great idea !!

    1000′s of people crossing north to south across automall, and 1000′s of vehicles trying to exit 880 and moving westbound on automall is a formula for massive vehicular/ pedestrian conflict which Mr. WOlfe’s son explained would be mitigated by crossing pedestrian traffic on the west side of the intersection while vehicluar traffic was directed north and south. At least that’s my recollection of the Fremont City COuncil meeting of just a few weeks ago – televised in public.

    Glad these “out of towners” have identified a pretty good way of partially alleviating the huge traffic problems that will accompany the weekly arrival of their fans during baseball season.

  • WarbleFly

    Screw Lowes! They can leave town and they just lost my business.

  • Marty

    Breathe, bbox. I was simply commenting on Wyatt’s disingenuous reference to Fremont as “our community”.

    I am fully aware that Lewis Wolff has his own interests in mind.

  • Gregg Maloof

    First to WarbleFly, try to calm yourself. I can see the ‘I’m a fan of baseball’ energy in your words, but feeding the ‘sports fan’ monkey can’t be what we are about in Fremont.

    This is still, to a large percentage, a retirement community facing an influx of low income residents and their children. Being one of the big wage earners in this town (household income of 150K+), my family will doubtless leave the area if the A’s stadium comes anywhere near Fremont. I could not tolerate a loss of nighttime police surveillance in the hub area, as they are already at odds with the young people roaming the streets, and an increase of noise from the nearby by firehouse would cause me to lose sleep. This town is simply no set up to deliver services for a project of this scope. I don’t know what the total seating would be, but if they had a big game I bet there would be 20K cars looking for parking ‘outside’ the stadium proper. Can you even imagine the chaos and potential crime that would cause? I can.

  • bbox321

    OK, Marty – maybe I over-reacted to your post.

    But, I give you and most of the other posters herein more credit than to simply presume yours are simple commentary on semantics.

    In the larger context of the issue at hand (check out the title of this particular BLOG), your choice to single out Lowes management over other factions appears to subordinate their concerns and becomes dismissive.

    Those of us who remain skeptical of the wisdom of this projects’ direction find the concerns of Lowes (and other business operators) quite valid – wherever their management may reside – just as we take seriously the intentions of outside developers to potentially bring a Major League ballpark to “our” city.

  • Sandy

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  • SuperDuper

    MILLIONS ?????

    Fremont citizens – ask yourselves why these folks have a need to exaggerate the strength of their position so profoundly.

  • WarbleFly

    Greg, I understand there are some great houses available in the valley or even back in Milwaukee. Let me know if you need help selling your house? Best of luck to you!

  • Gregg Maloof

    The last question I have (that doesn’t seem to be addressed here) is how much tax payer money is going into the construction of this proposed stadium, parking labyrinth, and gala retail park?

    WarbleFly, I’m sure you aren’t referring to me. I am an apartment dweller unable to afford the rediculous costs of home ownership in Fremont.

  • MikeOnBike

    Gregg Maloof Says: “The last question I have (that doesn’t seem to be addressed here) is how much tax payer money is going into the construction of this proposed stadium, parking labyrinth, and gala retail park?”

    Directly, none. The profit from the housing is supposed to cover the cost of building the ballpark.

    Indirectly, the additional tax revenues from the ballpark village are supposed to offset the additional costs (police, schools, etc.)

  • SuperDuper

    MikeOnBike says – “Indirectly, the additional tax revenues from the ballpark village are SUPPOSED to offset the additional costs. . . .”

    The operative word here is “SUPPOSED” – which is exactly what the restauranteers and developers of this boondoggle want you to believe. . . . .heck, folks – we can’t afford a police department tthat can respond to your own residential alarm – or to fix your city streets – how are we gonna manage several tens of thousand of people on game day ????

    As for Lowes – they’ve got a legit problem on their hands – who the heck is going to try to traverse 880 and Automall in the middle of game day if you ARENT going to the game – answer = NOBODY !!!

    As for Lowes – they’ve got antoher legit problem ont heir hands – who the heck is going to police the parking in their “FREE” parking lot on game day ???? When they’re charging $20 bucks per car 500 yards NORTH of automall why woudlnt you park in the Lowes lot for FREE !!!!!! ?????????

    Oh and check around this thread in other sites – you might still find where the proposed Automall pedestrian “flyovers” are offered as some kind of a solution to the Lowe’s problem(s).

    What the heck is that ?????

    How can the “flyovers” (which are a GREAT idea BTW) solve any kind of problem for Lowes ?????!!!!! This is the kind of muddled thinking that gets this project and city into serious serious trouble.

  • SuperDuper

    Ummmm, Sandy -

    All of 76 people have VISITED your astrofremont.com website since you listed it herein . . . . . even assuming that EVERYONE that VISITED the site signs up (which I didn’t) – where are your MILLIONS ????!!!!

    Always a bad idea to exagerate one’s position so profoundly. . . . .it makes you appear desperate.

  • Sandy
  • Gus Morrison

    To set the record straight, Keith Wolff told the League of Women Voters that 1/3 of the cost of building the stadium will come from the sale of the residential portion of the project, 3150 homes.

    And, the entire area is in the Fremont Redevelopment area and all of the property tax collected for the city must be used for purposes of redevelopment. That means that none of the city property tax can be used to pay for police, fire, or other public services for that area until some total amount of money is collected by the redevelopment agency. The revenue will be used for transportation purposes, primarily for the Irvington and Warm Springs BART stations. 20% of the tax collected must be used to facilitate affordable housing under state law.

    No one has talked about “flyovers” for either pedestrian or vehicle traffic. Flyovers for cars are hugely expensive and most likely beyond the capacity of the A’s to pay for. But there has been recent talk about a pedestrian bridge across Auto Mall Parkway at Christy to permit those who must park on the north side of Auto Mall to get to the stadium across 8-10 lanes of traffic. I heard an estimate of $8-9 million for that bridge.

    The parking across Auto Mall is further than 500 yards from the stadium. I measured it on Google Earth and it was about 3/4 of a mile. Now people have to walk 3/4 of a mile and climb stairs to cross the street too.

  • bbox231

    Gosh, Gus – I’ll stand corrected on the correct terminology – what I was refering to as a “flyover” – you characterize as a “pedestrian bridge”. We are indeed talking about the same thing here – across Automall. . . . and I’m sorry if I mis-used a distance of “500 yards” – which is about 1/3rd of a mile – which I simply calculated in my “minds eye” – I was intending to describe a great distance from the north-of-Automall-proposed parking sites to the stadium which creates incentives for people to locate parking closer – which the Lowe’s parking lot would do. . . . MY POINTS on this matter have been -

    1. People will have to walk a great distance from the north-of-automall-proposed parking
    2. A great deal of foot traffic will need to cross North to south over Automall and will converge with East West vehicular traffic coming off of 880 and onto Automall – the “pedestrian bridges” are an obvious solution to this problem
    3. I have seen in the discussion of these “pedestrian bridges” that these somehow might resolve some of Lowe’s concerns – which I dont understand.

    The revenue / cost benefit to the city I have little to examine and consider – what information IS available is seemingly authored by those with a strong economic interest OR those who have demonstrated economic ineptitude. (IMHO)

  • Gus Morrison

    I did a lot of work on the A’s last year and posted it on my blog http://www.fremontangus.blogspot.com. It has been dormant since the EIR process started, but the issues are the same and most of them are analyzed in it.

  • http://astrofremont.org sandy

    hurrah A’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come to fremont,please!!!!!!!!!!!!!I don’t live in fremont,but I know that Femont will receive much more income for they’re city if the A’s are there.