Newark contemplates tax

A story in today’s paper talks about a proposal to charge Newark residents a utility user tax for the first time in the city’s history.

The tax, if approved by voters next year, would plump up city coffers during a time when the city has eliminated 50 full-time equivalent positions, forced non-public safety employees to take a 5 percent pay cut and shut down City Hall on alternate Fridays.

The City Council also recently approved a new contract with police officers  that offers no raise to the the public-safety employees this year, a 1 percent raise in July 2009 and a 2 percent salary increase in January 2010.

As part of last week’s discussion about whether to proceed with a tax measure (the final verdict isn’t in yet), the Newark City Council considered the results of a survey that asked voters to rate their satisfaction with city services. You can view the results by clicking here.

Linh Tat


  1. Wow,
    The ridiculous city of Newark is willing to consider taxing themselves in a time when their City (and their State) is broke. Way to go, guys. I’ll alert the media. (Oh wait, they already know).

    It seems like Newark’s foolish notion of refusing to pay for City Services that they expect (for free) is a thing of the past (hopefully). I’ve always disliked the City of Newark. They have a sick way of doing business.

    Their only hope was a woman by the name of Ana Apodaca, elected to the Council in 2005. She was lucky…there was a special election on the ballot that year that increased turnout. Without it, she would have been toast. She was elected by a narrow margin, and promised to stand up for Newark’s families. But talk about a disappointment. Apodaca was supposed to be the candidate of change. And yet, Newark Council meetings still run 15 minutes (and that’s with discussion), and still produce 5-0 votes everytime. Where’s the debate? Apodaca has yet to take even a symbollic vote opposing anything the old guard supports (or supporting anything the old guard opposes). She is the truest form of a sell-out. And even gives “career politicans” a bad name.

    To all the cowards out there who believe they can play games with the lives of the residents of our great Cities and our great State: Go see Apodaca. Cowards of a feather flock together, and Apodaca is the queen of them all.

  2. One more thing:

    Please click the link that shows the “results” of a survey the Newark City Council administered in an attempt to gauge resident satisfaction of city services.

    What a joke! It seems like the only people that took the survey were the councilmembers and their relatives.
    Yowza! Everything in Newark is A – OK! (Unless you’re middle class or below, have kids, are a senior with few resources, are a single mom or dad, can’t afford to buy a home in the bay area, are a teenager without a support system, or some combination of the above).

    Those definitely aren’t the results from the working families that are struggling everyday in the City of Newark.

    Every one of Newark’s City Staff should be fired because of their incompetence, and every one of Newark’s Council Members should be arrested for criminal behavior.

    Shame on the City of Newark.

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