Stirling for Fremont Council

Alan Stirling and John EdwardsIf Alan Stirling’s name sounds familiar, it’s not just because it’s so similar to the guy who does the Hair Club for Men commercials.

Stirling won about 12 percent of the vote when he ran for council in 2006, and is now the 12th person to take out nominating papers for this year’s council race.
Unless he pulls a Mitt Romney (a closeted hair club member, I think) and reverses himself on every major issue, Stirling is likely to rail against consulting fees city employee salaries, which he thinks are too high. Click here for his 2006 web site.

Here’s what we wrote about him during his losing 2006 bid:
Stirling is running for political office for the first time because he wants better fiscal responsibility at City Hall and more citizen participation in policy decisions.

Topping the retired ironworker’s priorities is Measure L, which he opposes.

City officials say the proposed tax on natural gas and electricity bills would help shore up the city’s lagging public safety services.

Stirling counters: “The proposed justifications (for the tax) are simply not true. The recession has diminished, and the state is no longer siphoning city money.”

Stirling, 63, believes that a vote for him is a vote for change. He says that the Fremont Police Department’s no-response policy to burglar alarms, announced last year, is to blame for the city’s crime increase.

The former member of the Bridge Structural and Ornamental Iron Workers unions, Local 25 and Local 378, proposes that the city should give fewer concessions to employee unions in order to tighten Fremont’s belt.

“We cannot negotiate contracts that we cannot live up to,” said Stirling, who has raised $143 for his campaign.

If elected, he promises to limit the amount spent on consultants and would call for an audit of the city’s finances, “to make sure that good money isn’t being thrown after bad.”

A divorced father of four grown children and three grandchildren, Stirling has lived in Fremont since 1979.

Matt Artz