Beauty’s in the eye …

Look familiar? It should to my predecessor Chris De Benedetti. He wrote a lot about Jim Hardwick’s eyesore at the corner of Thornton Avenue and Cabrillo Drive. Hardwick finally filled in a huge hole last year and agreed to turn the derelict former Shell Station into a mini-mart by this October.

But will he? Cabrillo residents say nothing much has happened at the site for months. Leonard Powell with the city says Hardwick has made progress and that is expected to meet his city-imposed deadline of Oct. 26. Hardwick, who owns numerous properties in Fremont and elsewhere, won’t return my phone calls.

Matt Artz


  1. the city says Mr. Hardwick is on time with his improvements. What a howl!

    Obvious Jim Hardwick and the City of Fremont are complicent in the lack of action represented by the “monument” to the Cabrillo neighborhood. No one on the city council or planning comission is losing value since they don’t live in Cabrillo.

    Anyone who cares should be voting out all the incumbents. Perhaps the next set of representatives will not kowtow to people such as Hardwick.

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