Fremont election truth patrol Part II

UPDATE: I think I paraphrased Trisha incorrectly. I don’t think she really meant that any developer contribution would bias her, only that she didn’t want to open herself up to charges of bias when it come to development projects.

Trisha Tahmasbi
Someone wrote that she’s not going to take money from developers. I asked Trisha about that and she said that she has made a pledge not to accept money from residential developers. She hasn’t decided whether she will accept money from commercial developers.

She said there’s tension with how Fremont is being developed and she wants to be unbiased.

Tahmasbi said she would invite other candidates to take the same pledge, aware that for Sue Chan it would mean casting aside one of her top supporters, former Assemblyman John Dutra. I told Trisha that if I were Sue, I would counter by inviting all the candidates to take a pledge not to accept money from a sitting Assemblyman or his top contributors.

Matt Artz


  1. Matt,
    Thank You for the Truth Patrol, It is obvious that some supporters are over the top with there enthusiasm .
    I would like to point out that Vinnie Bacon has declared He would not accept any money from developers, period. He did this several months ago. Have the truth patrol check it out!

  2. I’m having a hard time understanding your analogy between a millionaire developer and an acting Assemblymember, a public servant that was democratically elected to serve Fremont’s citizens…why are you equating those two?

    Dutra has deep pockets, that he would like to make deeper. That is his ONE AND ONLY motivation. Suzanne Chan was in the right place at the right time, and her slogan should be : “The Puppet Candidate”.

  3. I already posted here, but I wanted to add my post from another entry. Here it is:

    (oh, and also, your truth patrol seems to be rather one sided, Matt…probably should be called: “The truth according to Matt”, so as not to confuse people…)

    I am new to these blogs, but from what I have read, I’m thinking that a number of you may be the candidates in disguise…Well, I am a Fremont citizen, and have been for over 10 years now. I love this city. I have two little girls in Fremont’s schools, I am an active member of my community.

    What I do not like, and have not liked for years, is the fact that our local (and national) politics are all driven by who has the money, and who has the name. I’m excited to see new people stepping up to the plate. I’m excited to see a young candidate for a change. And a young woman, at that! As I said, I have two little girls. I would love for them to one day be politically active, and make a difference in the place that they live.

    I will come out and say that I am supporting Trisha Tahmasbi this November. I have done my research, and from what I have read, I think she cares about this city, and has been active for years. I don’t think it is bad that she is working for our Assemblymember…how can that be a bad thing?

    Perhaps I am excited about the turn this country is taking with the new message of change, but I think that I would like to see the same sort of trend happen locally. Let’s try something new, see how it goes.

    To Trisha, if you are reading this, I applaud you! I say go for it, and don’t let anyone get you down. You’ll have my vote, and my husband’s vote this November. If my little girls could vote, they would be beside you too!


  4. Trisha’s a latecomer with her pledge to not take money from residential developers. Vinnie Bacon made the no developer money pledge in May on his website, but he includes both commercial and residential developers in it.

  5. So what if Trisha is a latecomer. Better late than never for out most proven strongest candidate.

  6. Susan M should do a little more research because she is grossly misinformed.

    (1) Susan should know that Mr. Dutra is a former Assemblymember and long-standing public servant. Her comparison between a developer (Dutra?) vs. a public servant/lawyer (Torrico?) is simply wrong.

    (2) Re: Matt’s version of the “truth,” at least it has some basis in reality, i.e., facts that support his assertions. Seems like his form of “research” is talking to the candidates directly. How old-fashioned.

    (3) Susan M doesn’t like money-driven candidates and campaigns… so she’s supporting a candidate with no local roots, who just moved into the district, and is only considered credible because she’s supported by the Democratic Majority Whip of the State Assembly, i.e., a politican with major fundraising prowess. No candidate is more dependent on entrenched politicians than Trisha Tahmasbi.

    I do agree with Susan that we should “try something new”: let’s stick to the facts and keep it positive. That’s that kind of change I can believe in.

  7. Drew,

    (1) I think you are grossly misinformed. When Dutra was an Assemblymember, he hardly spent any time in our city, and did little to make improvements that did not directly benefit him. And why is he so interested in this year’s city council race? What do you think Drew? Could it be the A’s coming to town? Do you think he has a stake in that? You need to do your research, Drew, or at least admit that you are fully aware of the corruption that is taking place (the installment of a candidate just for personal gain, by our public servant, Mr. Dutra, and his little Pinocchio Mrs. Suzanne Chan)

    (2) Matt labels his OPINIONS as truth. It is obvious who this guy is supporting. Why does he use his “truth patrol” to promote one candidate and criticize another? This is “The Truth According to Matt”

    (3) If you had done any research, Drew, you would know that Trisha has been in the our district for years. She did not just move here (I can tell by that statement, you must either be Sue Chan herself, or someone on her campaign (such as Matt Artz) because by that statement, you are definitely trying to plant some untrue propaganda in the voter’s minds). Trisha has been active in civic engagement since college. If you look it up, Drew, you would know that. She fought against tuition hikes to keep college affordable. Was Sue Chan active when she was in college, making life better for young people in California?

    Also, Drew, again, you seem to be equating age with experience. If Trisha was a sixty year old woman (like our lovely Sue), then perhaps she would have your backing?

    Of course Trisha has the support of Torrico (whom I voted for). What’s wrong with that? I think that the experience she has gained through working with Torrico only helps to make her stronger and more prepared. On a daily basis, she is seeing the troubles we are facing. I’ve even called the office a few times. What does Sue Chan do for a living, Drew? Isn’t she a receptionist, in a dental office? Hmmm…When I need my teeth cleaned, I’ll give her a call, but when I am concerned about the future of girls’ education and my quality of life in a city that is growing way too fast, I prefer to call the candidate that has legislative experience.

    So, if you are going to insist that we stick to the facts in this joke of a blog, I suggest you do the same.

    Susan (I’ll finish this post shortly. Stay tuned)

  8. Susan M, why do you feel the need to attack and attack and attack at such a personal level? Is this what you teach your girls? If you support a candidate, go negative, go personal?

    Wouldn’t just saying why you love Trisha be enough?

  9. Since when does student politics at CSU Hayward equate to Fremont? Maybe some geography lessons are in order, too.

  10. Susan M – you clearly know lots about Trisha and that’s great. You do not know anything about her opponents, but you throw in innuendo, name calling, and blatant lies.

    You own words show you to be a hyppocrite:

    you are definitely trying to plant some untrue propaganda in the voter’s minds

    So, if you are going to insist that we stick to the facts in this joke of a blog, I suggest you do the same.

  11. Alright, looks like I’ve got to protect my stance here again:

    Hi, again, Drew: You seem to have a hard time analyzing and receiving information, and drawing effective conclusions from that information. My reference to Trisha’s time at CSU was meant to bring to light the fact that she has had a long time interest in civic engagement and the wellbeing of the people around her (whether they be her fellow fremont citizens or her past classmates, etc). It shows a pattern that she has been willing to spend loads of free time fighting for causes that have had far-reaching implications. She seems to be extremely active in the community and working with Torrico has given her the opportunity to expand her community involvement and tackle the issues that she feels are important (women’s issues, the issues of our young people trying to make it through college while the state continues to cut the budget for education, student engagement in our political process, to name a few). People are making it sound like her experience with Torrico is somehow a bad thing. I don’t understand this. Working with the citizens of fremont to resolve issues can only serve to make her a stronger candidate.
    It is just so disheartening to me that we criticize the young people in our society for not caring about anything and then a young woman like Trisha comes along, who I believe is just what this city needs, she gets criticized for issues that are blatantly false (surely meant to serve as opponent propaganda)…Or she gets criticized for being too young, or too connected, or not living here long enough etc. How long is long enough for you, Drew? I bet that all of the experience she has had in her time here in Fremont is much greater and more valuable than what the other candidates have accomplished in their time in our city. Why does she not have the mayor’s support, by the way? Have you stopped to ask yourself that? Could it be because she is not willing to push an agenda that she doesn’t believe in (like certain other candidates…)

    Hi, Veteran: If you read up further on the blog, you’ll see that my initial post was stating why I support Trisha. Then you’ll see that Drew (whom you did not mention in your post for being negative), was negative about Trisha (my candidate, obviously, Drew is a Sue Supporter, but he won’t come out and say that for some reason)…These blogs have already gotten nasty, mostly due to the blogger himself, so I think your message is directed at the wrong person. Oh, and don’t worry about what I am teaching my girls. It is not your concern.

    I cannot even imagine how hard it is to get out and put yourself out there, and be a public servant. I’m going to say again, that if Trisha is reading this blog, don’t pay attention to the negativity and propaganda. There will always opposition when you are challenging the status quo. No one wants to see a new face in town, especially one that cannot be easily manipulated into following suit with their own agenda. Keep moving forward and setting an example for the young people of Fremont.

    Susan M.

  12. Reality:

    I know enough about them to know that they are not right for my city.

    Can you specifically tell me what you found hypocritical? What did I say in my post that was a blatant lie about another candidate, or propaganda? My observations about the other candidate comes from critical thinking, and looking past the smiles and the obvious. You have to do research to be an engaged citizen, otherwise you have no place at the polling booth.

  13. Oh, and I’m going to be preemptive here, because I know one of you is going to bring this up:

    On the end of my last blog, when I said the words “New Face in town” I did not literally mean in our town (I’m sure someone would have posted that)…I meant a new face in our local political landscape (more specifically, our city government).

    This should save some of the future post writers from having to criticize my post on this basis.

    have a good day!

  14. Susan M: Comment #2 you started name calling. This was your first post. Be honest.

  15. does anybody beside me think it is odd when the candidate themselves do not engage this kind of opportunity ?

    Woudn’t you love to ask Trish some direct questions – i would. Isn’t it great that we have the ability to have an open “town hall” like this ??

    Shouldn’t our future leaders be in touch with this kind of opportunity, with all the blemishes that accompany – and embrace ????

  16. Listen, Matt isn’t secretly supporting one candidate over another. He’s doing his job as a reporter by checking facts and asking politicians directly about the public’s concerns. Although I think he might be a little sweet on Trisha and her spunky shoes … whether he agrees with her views or not, he’s going to give all sides of the story a fair airing in the news. I worked with the guy, he cares about the accuracy of his information. Just not always spelling.

  17. You guys can always try to reach the candidates instead of being lazy and coming on here posting up blogs wondering why the candidates are not taking hold of this opportunity. If you really care for what they have to say pick up a phone and call them or email them. Their information is not hard to retrieve.

    Oh by the way I’m supporting TRISHA. We need young fresh blood in this city: one who cares about the education system and about the millions of children left behind and one who cares about the city so much she has dedicated her life to civil engagement, public service and much more….

    Susan M. I applaud you, of all the other postings I have read yours by far is the one with no negative tone and with aquarate information. Well put words Susan well put.

  18. By the way Matt Artz: Trisha is NOT taking money from ANY developers, no developers what so ever.

  19. Todd Brown, is it really appropriate for you to be on this site, clearing your former colleague’s name?

    You and Matt are carbon copies. Neither of you cares about accuracy or fact. By the way, what are you doing now Todd? I told Matt about a job opening that you might be interested in: The National Enquirer. You two would make great additions to their team.

    You did enough damage to this paper with your pitiful attempt at objective reporting. Let’s let Matt (try to) stand on his own two feet. No need for you to become his official spokesman. He’s got enough to worry about without his faithful sidekick being resurrected from the land of nowhere. Hopefully Matt learns something that you never did: biased or incomplete coverage has no place in our town.

    And finally, let me address “Sonueu”…(nice alias). Wouldn’t you like to ask Sue Chan some direct questions? She’s not been on here either. I can tell you that talking to her directly is painful. Maybe we should be grateful that she’s not blogging (although it’s likely that she would have Dominic Dutra writing her entries).

    I believe Trisha T. provided her direct email address in another blog entry. Email her there if you have such pressing questions. I emailed her and Bacon this morning to get further clarification on their positions on growth. I, for one, am glad that this site has not become the “one stop shop” for information on local candidates. So, Sonueu, please be more resourceful…and a little more practical. Call or email the candidates if you want to talk to them directly. Don’t be a fool.

    I’m not sure who I’ll support yet (although I know Chan is out). Even though there are 10 candidates, the pickings are slim. It’s too bad that Dirk Lorenz is not running. He would have had my vote.

  20. Why does Sick and Tired criticize alias (I think this is a personal sarcasm that does nothing constructive)

    I have asked Trisha som simple questions in this blog. Nobody suggests that this is a “one stop shop” why do you ?

    You criticize this venue for what purpose ? It is just another opportunity to discuss issues of the day.

  21. Debra, you seem to hate this blog and the bloggers. Here’s a suggestion – leave and let this be a productive positive place for exchange of information.

    Calling people fools, attacking every day folks on non-issues is very telling about your character.

  22. Debra thank you for your comment. It seems like you are the only one on here that thinks pratical. It’s true if you people want to get answers get a hold of the candidates. Waiting on here day and night is useless this is just a place for the free exchange of ideas not for candidates to come and post their whole platform on. They’ve got other professional resources to do so.

    Thanks again Debra.

  23. Why does Som1 and Debra need to attack everyone on their OWN assumption that everyone is using THIS blog as the ONLY way we get information.

    I think they discredit the BLOG because they’re candidate doesnt participate.

  24. Sonueu why is it that if we choose to speak up then individuals such as yourself use it as a point of argument assuming we are attacking everyone? Was my comment a personal attack on anyone? I only spoke the truth which is why are some people (such as you) writing in here wanting candidates to come on and post comments, I mean they’ve got their campaign and other resources for the citizens to become well aware of their platform. I’m very excited to see that Trisha Tahmasbi decided to come on here and provide her EMAIL ADDRESS,I mean who does that? I give her points for that. You want questions answered email her then go try finding other candidates contact information and email them then come back and provide your well found knowledge to all of us. Your comment concludes your intellect is below the average. Re-read the majority of the comments on this and reevaluate everything make sure you analyze too please. When we can appropriately do this we must come to the pratical conclusion such as Debra already has. Plus When did I say everyone on here is using this blog as the only way to get information from candidates?

    Thank you for your time lets move on to bigger questions and ideas.

  25. Some1 –

    I think you are very confused or very manipulative in your choice of words.

    The facts are that Debra makes a personal and seemingly sarcastic comment on someones choice of alias – and also appears to make several leaps in judgement.

    With your complimenting of Debra, and your choice to characterize her as “..the only one who thinks practical..” you have made it clear that you find her position(s) credible.

    IMHO – you, like Debra do a fine job of positioning your *opnions* as “the truth” – such arraogance! And yes, IMHO – you, by your support of Debra’s statment(s) also provide support for her personalized attack(s).

    You have some interesting thoughts, I hope you can learn to express them without the emotion and hyperbole.

  26. SuperDuper,

    I appreciate your observations and will do my best to take the sarcasm down a notch.

    However, I rarely make leaps in judgment.

    I would like to contact Sue Chan’s campaign manager, (former Assemblymember and millionaire developer) John Dutra, and ask him to clarify his role in the A’s project. Could I reach out to all of you out there in the blogosphere and ask you to help me…?

    We must get to the bottom of this.

    SuperDuper…do you agree that this is a fair request?
    What’s at question here is the intent of the Dutra Family (John and his sons, all of whom are developers) to involve themselves to heavily in the Chan campaign…and whether or not they stand to gain from the A’s coming to town.

    I suggest we start an online petition and demand the Dutra’s to clarify whether or not they will have a piece of the “A’s” pie.

    If indeed they have a stake in the A’s coming to town, we need to raise up and let them know that it is UNACCEPTABLE to handpick a candidate that will help them deliver the A’s. They should not be involved to the extent that I am hearing they are.

    If you are with me, please respond to this blog entry by saying, “Fremont deserves to know the truth: Petition the Dutra’s!”

    Fremont deserves to know the truth: Petition the Dutra’s!

    If I see that enough of you have the same questions that I do, I will begin the online petition.

    If not, SuperDuper, then I will simply stick to my (occasionally) sarcastic observations and posts.

  27. Fremont deserves to know the truth: Petition the Dutra’s!

  28. Fremont deserves to know the truth: Petition the Dutra’s!

  29. Fremont deserves to know the truth: Petition the Dutra’s!

  30. I don’t see why most candidates would want to come here. There are a lot of people waiting with feathers and tar.

  31. Paranoia and propaganda. What a joke. The Dutras are fantastic people and I would happily listen to anything a canditade they support has to say. Drop the conspiracy theories and listen to the issues.

  32. Jon Simon

    It’s unfortunate that you feel that other candidates are so thin-skinned that they cannot tolerate the scrutiny of a public debate. I believe that anyone running for public office would need to be capable of handling such venues – if they can’t, then they’re probably not cut out for public service.

    To be certain, there’s a dose of negativism in most public “debate”. That said, it is not completely clear to me that those who criticize this venue AS WELL AS THOSE who fed the flames of negativism about these venues – are not directly or indirectly supportive of those politicians who do not have the courage to engage a public dialogue.

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