Union City council argues for parcel tax

The Union City City Council met last evening to hash out the wording for the official argument in favor of the city’s proposed parcel tax extension and enhancement.

The existing tax, known as Measure K, generates $2.7 million annually to fund public-safety services. But with the tax set to expire in April, city officials will place a new measure on the November ballot, asking voters to extend the tax by eight years while also increasing the tax rate to generate an extra $500,000 a year to fund youth services, such as gang prevention and intervention programs.

Click on the links below to read the following, parts of which will appear in the voters’ handbook:

* Resolution and ordinance for a new measure (the ordinance is the full text of the measure).

* City attorney’s analysis

* Argument in favor of the measure

Although no one submitted arguments against the measure by today’s deadline, that’s not to say there aren’t voters opposed to the tax. In fact, a similar proposal was defeated in June. (The latest proposal shortens the length of the tax and decreases the tax rate from what was proposed in June.)

image from maddot13’s site on flickr.com.

Linh Tat

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