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Ugh. I just totally flunked the IQ test on Trisha Tahmasbi’s facebook page. Good thing I don’t cover geometry.

Someone mentioned this to me, and I thought it was an interesting point. If you look at the the old Celebrate Fremont web site and troll the internet, you’ll see a bit of the history Sue Chan has with some of her bigger supporters. Chan was on the Celebrate Fremont executive committee with Dominic Dutra and Jack Rogers. Jack’s wife Maria, and Patty Hitchcock were also active.

Another person who was active in Celebrate Fremont, but hasn’t endorsed anyone yet is Councilmember Anu Natarajan. She told me a couple of weeks ago that she “has to” support the choice of the Democratic Party because of some position she holds. I might not know my parallelograms, but I’m pretty sure Tahmasbi is going to get that endorsement. For one thing, she probably has the stronger throwing arm:

Click here for video of Sue Chan throwing out the first pitch at an A’s game from a distance much shorter than 60 feet, six inches.

Matt Artz

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