NUMMI has traffic concerns about the A’s in Fremont

UPDATE: He was referring to car traffic.

I called Nummi’s spokesman Lance Tamasu earlier this week about what Fremont’s largest employer thinks about Fremont’s largest development proposal. I’m still trying to confirm whether or not he’s referring to both potential rail and street traffic concerns, but here’s what he wrote:

NUMMI operates with just-in-time delivery, so we worry when there is a potential for increased traffic congestion in the area. We have expressed our concerns to City officials as well as the Oakland A’s and everyone seems interested in working together for a win-win solution.

Matt Artz


  1. I’d like to see the City of Fremont do an analysis on the impact to the Fremont General Fund if the A’s ballpark village was built causing the Nummi plant to be closed down.

    Seems like this would be important input in the City Council’s decision making process.

  2. I’m against the A’s coming to Fremont Fremont will lose quality of life. Fremont will become another Los Angeles…we don’t need it.

  3. A businessman in Fremont told me people informed him and other colleagues that the A’s coming to Fremont has been finalized. He even mentioned someone, I forgot the name, has bought land near auto mall to create for parking once the stadium comes.

    Is this true? Does anyone know?

  4. (erase auto mall) the land was purchased elsewhere, the name I will get.

  5. I am estatic to learn that a large corporation is expressing their concern over bringing the As to Fremont. Money hungry politicians have not once given much thought on how traffic for Fremont/Hayward/Newark city residents will be affected. I reside in Centerville and commute to Santa Clara for work. Believe me, there’s nothing worse than returning home in bumper-to-bumper traffic during in the Summer months in blazing heat or in a sea of red lights during the Winter months.

    I hope NUMMI is successful in shutting down Fremont City Council’s plan of moving the As to Fremont. Leave them in Oakland. We have enough problems w/o adding fuel to the fire.

  6. Hard to see how the A’s deal could be “finalized” since the City Council has yet to vote on approving the project. The environmental impact report won’t be finished until 2009. We don’t even know yet who will be the Mayor and City Council members who will be voting on the project.

    If someone in City Government is saying that the project is “finalized,” they are not following the rules, and could create legal liabilities for the City of Fremont.

  7. Interesting. I will have to follow up with this person to see where they all received their information from.

    Thank you Charlotte.

  8. Fremont can not take this volume of traffic, it is unsafe…I suggest city council cancel this idea and persue other economic avenues….

    Safety First –

  9. The traffic issue is a red herring. Accommodations can and will be made. Honestly, I drive by the Coliseum all the time and the traffic (yes, even on event days) isnt all that bad. And our new A’s stadium will seat a smaller amount too. And does anyone remember what the area around the Giants park was like before the stadium? I do and it was dismal, the park changed it for the better 100%! Same results in Denver, Baltimore and a host of other cities and metro areas.
    Bringing the A’s home to Fremont will be the best thing that ever happened to this town!

  10. It is silly to compare the traffic situation we would have in Fremont to that in Oakland or San Francisco. Both of those locations have excellent public transportation. The proposed ballpark would have none!

  11. Fremont has BART, Rail and AC Transit just to name a few! And the Oakland 880 corridor has more traffic per hour—so I must disagree with Julie and stand by my comparison.
    That said, we need more public transport regardless of the A’s new Fremont stadium.

  12. I see worblefly is smoking the bong again.No to the ballpark in Fremont!!!!!!!

  13. Say No to Drugs!!! My Dear little worble has nothing to add but ((sigh)) personal attacks.
    The A’s new home in Fremont will be the best thing EVER to happen to this area!!! Fremont is 100% A’s Baseball!!

  14. In no way can you compare the traffic situation on game days at the Coliseum to the potential traffic on 880 and 680 if the stadium is built in south Fremont.

    There is BART station 5 minutes walking distance away from the Coliseum. I don’t think very many people are going to rely on public transportation to get to the new A’s park.

    It would be akin to taking public transit to a 49ers game – not that many people do it (yes, I realize it is a much bigger stadium – think proportionally). For a majority of game attendees it is inconvenient. People would rather pay $25 to park than take public transit – especially when it involves multiple transfers.

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