Washington Hospital’s response to protest and movie

What follows is a prepared statement hospital spokesman Chris Brown emailed to me. For info about today’s rally, scroll down to the next post.

Statement Concerning Today’s Rally

Robert Marth, former California Nurses Association representative to Washington Hospital and
not a Washington Hospital employee, has brought non-Washington Hospital employees together
for a rally in support of the efforts by Drs. Evelyn Li and Ramineni Rao to undermine the public’s confidence in Washington Hospital. Mr. Marth attempted to garner support from Washington Hospital nurses by providing misleading information to them that the rally would be focused on break issues.

To our knowledge, no Washington Hospital nurses participated in this rally.

In actuality the purpose of this rally appears to be to bring attention to a recently released movie called “Life for Sale” that is based on unfounded accusations. Dr. Li is the President of The Orb, a corporation which produced this so called documentary. The movie is fraudulent and falsely attacks Washington Hospital, its physicians and employees. The timing of the rally as well as the release of the Dr. Li funded movie is suspect.

The movie was released in May, but did not begin showing in Fremont until August 21, after Dr. Li had filed to run for a seat on the Washington Township Health Care District Board of Directors.

Finally, the Attorney General of the State of California on behalf of the Medical Board of California has filed an accusation against Dr. Evelyn Li not only for unprofessional conduct through repeated negligent acts or omissions in regard to her treatment of multiple patients but also for unprofessional conduct through gross negligence pertaining to the care of a patient. The Attorney General of the State of California is seeking to revoke or suspend Dr. Li’s license to practice medicine. Dr. Li is no longer on staff at St. Rose and has had her privileges limited at Washington Hospital.

For publically available information about Dr. Evelyn Li’s allegations go to



Matt Artz