The A’s in your mail

Here is the latest glossy mailer from the A’s. Imagine how empty the triple-play event would have been if I hadn’t written that brief about it in the Argus. It Probably would have been just Stomper and those two anonymous ballplayers. You’ll probably also notice that a well-coiffed 72-year-old is quoted. Sorry if it’s fuzzy.

Matt Artz

  • WarbleFly

    My Pal, SuperDuped stated;
    suggest that “We’ll figure it out, eventually.” – “Let’s not worry about it today.”
    Nice of you to speak for me, but that’s not at all what i said. (Clearly, we have years to get ready for Opning Day!) However,your attempt at twisting words out of context does remind me of a great 1960s era song!(,,cant recall the Artist though!)
    Suped,,are you running for office? Because you are always railing against our city leaders? And if your not, who do you propose we vote for?
    You should let go of the hate and take positive steps to be elected since you think our elected officials are doing such a bad job.

    And I guess you think the majority of Fremont voters that voted our leaders in are equally inept? How did you put it “demonstrated incompetancy” is that really how you feel about the majority of your fellow Fremont voters? I think the current Administration is doing a fine job, of course I would like to see them get even better, but to call them incompetent is ludicrous. But, it does fit into your elitist mindset.

    Supers, you also commented with great wit;
    “GREAT civic minds, these.”
    Based on your previous rants (with maybe one notable exception when you must have felt common ground was tangible) the only civic you have any grasp on is produced by Honda! And you should be a proud Civic owner! Those cars are durable and have great mileage too!
    And still you waffle on about “underlaying concerns” that you have yet to conclusively state other than your partisan bias against our city leaders. And you know you can still be a Giants fan, no one will hold that against you! :)
    All said, you know I love you and I will honor my promise to you and treat you to your hot dog with all the fixins and a good beer when we enjoy the A’s at Fremonts Cisco Fields!;)

  • Happy_w_the_Argus

    Bob Wasserman for Fremont Mayor

    Bob Wasserman is running for Fremont mayor and we should consider voting for him. He wants the following and If you agree please vote for him on Nov.4 2008.
    1.Found ways to fund the BART extension to Warm Springs making BART to Santa Clara achievable 2.Greatly expanded retail and restaurants 3.Invited Oakland “A’s” to explore possibility of making Fremont home. They have since started process with hopes of being approved to build a baseball village including stadium, retail-entertainment center, hotel and housing. An exciting opportunity and possibly one of the most important decisions that Fremont will make is the Baseball Village project. A project as complex as this will require knowledge, skill and the kind of leadership I bring to the office. 4.Encouraged and actively meet with “Green Businesses” that are developing ways to reduce the carbon footprint and find alternatives to being held hostage by the Oil lords of the world. 5.Was instrumental in bringing about a Citywide focus on creating a place where people an live, work play and shop. 6.Since he becoming Mayor Fremont has added 90 new restaurants. He personally recruited several.

  • SuperDuper

    Warble -

    Try to stay focussed on the issues -

    I’ve made some very specific charges about our city’s relative incompetency – you can find those charges herein. . . not you nor any of the other A’s fans have addressed these points except to assert personalized commentary at your opponents.

    That you and your other fan (Jon Simon) resort to these kinds of tactics speaks volumes about your motive and lack of critical thinking skills.

    Good luck !

  • WarbleFly

    Oh my Dear SuperDuped,
    Whats wrong with you? We are not “opponents”! we are simply fellow residents and bloggers sharing conversation around the 21st century water cooler! And your cheap shot attempt to wash away you stated bias without any facts by blaming me for “kinds of tactics”? What are you talking about? Man up and speak for yourself!
    Yes, I am very enthusiastic about the A’s coming to town. And that gets under your skin. Why?
    You make all kinds of “incompetent” charges against our city leaders and the electorate that put them there. And when your argumentative fallacy’s are pointed out to you. You run and hide behind your elitist vocabulary. You wag your finger and blame someone else. No sir, I do not accept your attempts to turn my comments into some trivial form of commentary against our elected leaders. You have made no “specific” charges other than to display your dislike of our civic leaders. You refuse to reveal who you think we should support to replace our leaders. You refuse to use any facts to support your ludicrous claims about incompetency! And then you try to belittle my admitted enthusiasm about bringing the A’s home to Fremont as some sort of validation for your hateful bias!
    And worst of all, you apparently have no sense of humor, good lord, man,,can’t we all get along??
    Do you like sauerkraut on your hot dog or just mustard?

  • SuperDuper

    “You make all kinds of “incompetent” charges against our city leaders and the electorate that put them there. And when your argumentative fallacy’s are pointed out to you. You run and hide behind your elitist vocabulary. You wag your finger and blame someone else.” – you need to do some more homework, Warble.

    The specifics are right here for you to respond to if and when you cease your emotional ranting and decide to do the work of an intellectual discussion.

  • WarbleFly

    Ok,my sweet Supeduper,

    Your blatant refusal to answer any questions posed to you is clear and evident. Perhaps you should take your own advice and do your own homework. Take a critical thinking class and hone those skills of yours. Im sure Ohlone offers courses in that discipline. You may learn what an underlying premise is and how to use it both in conversation with your friends and with(gasp) perceived “opponents”! ;) You havent laid out any specifics to back up your distaste of our elected leaders and the people that put them there. Unless you truly think a quick sentence here and there like your quick reference to the troubled Centerville redevelopment is actually specific to your charges. If that is what you are trying to use as intellectual support then you have nothing to stand on.
    And once again, you trot out the old “wag your finger” approach to mask your lack of content.
    Let me make it simple for you. You dont like our current council apparently for your own personal reasons that you dont want to share in this forum. Then who do you support in the next election? Its a simple question. If you dont want to answer it, thats ok, but dont bother hiding behind your innuendo and trivial finger pointing. Im sure you will keep running, diverting and hiding as per your m.o, but why not surprise us all and seek common ground?
    Secondly, do you like relish and onions or are you a ketchup and hot dog man? What kind of beer do you prefer? I like IPAs myself.

  • Matt Zinger

    To Super Duper, Doug, Ohlone Student, worble and other sane Fremont residents,

    Just ignore WarbleFly and non-Fremont rabid A’s fans who are immature and not able to engage in meaningful discussion. The average Fremont resident understand the real issues and will vote out Bob Wasserman and other incompetent incumbents.

  • WarbleFly

    Ok Zinger,

    Who do we vote for? Who is running that will be better than the incumbent? And when you cant back up your statements like superduper, is that your measure of maturity?

  • Matt Zinger

    OK, Warblefly, We have a choice this year for Mayor and City Council too. If you look at the track record of the current Mayor for the last 4 years at so many issues, it is not good. If you are a Fremont resident, you will know what I am talking about. OK, I voted for Bob Wasserman in the 2004 Election but not this time.

    Let me state the track record of Bob Wasserman who is leader of City.

    1) Botched Verified Burglar Alarm response policy. Burglaries have gone up in City. City’s rating gone down to 60th in the most livable Cities.
    2) Supported Utility tax proposal stating that City does not have enough funds for general services. Mysteriously, the City finds funds later. This is a big-time blunder. If Mayor is not able to control the City Staff, who can? He still supports Utility tax proposal.
    3) No money for fixing potholed roads but how can the City afford to give good raise for City Manager who is just making 250K Salary
    4) Any resident concern addressed to the City Council is being referred to City Staff where nothing happens.
    5) Approved housing developments without considering impact on Schools. He claims schools are not City’s responsibility but embraces Schools Platform when it comes to Elections.
    6) Claims A’s project generates lot of revenue. A careful review of the details that only 10-13% of revenue goes towards general services ie traffic, police etc. So, who will pay? IS IT WARBLEFLY or the Fremont tax payer

    I can go on and on.
    So, I say

    “NO TO A’s and WASSERMAN in 2008″

  • WarbleFly

    C’mon Zinger, answer the question.

    Who do we vote for?

  • worble

    Super Duper

    please refer to WorbleFly as such. I don’t want anybody to confuse me with this glossy red eyed Niles resident.

  • WarbleFly

    You better be careful with the slanderous remarks. That kind of libel may have legal consequences for you.

  • worble

    Slanderous remarks? What are talking about. thats how you read it. NO TO THE BALLPARK IN FREMONT!!!!!

  • Matt Zinger

    Anybody but “WASSERMAN” for Mayor in 2008. We still have 60 days to decide the right Mayoral candidate.

    Time for Fremont stockholders i.e voters to get rid of the present CEO Bob Wasserman and elect a new one.

  • WarbleFly


    Wassermans competition isnt any better. What are you going do? Sit this one out?

  • WarbleFly

    worble babbled;
    “I don’t want anybody to confuse me with this glossy red eyed Niles resident.”
    That is slander and I will not accept that kind of libel against my character. So, Try to show some class and stay on the issue at hand.
    And the issue is YES, YES and YES to the ballpark in FREMONT!

  • worble


    Unless this is your leagle name how can I slander a ficticious blogger. I do not agree with any of your rants and do not want to be confused with you. NO NO NO TO THE BALLPARK IN FREMONT!!!

  • WarbleFly

    Yes, Yes, Yes to the BALLPARK IN FREMONT

  • WarbleFly

    Ok,,its true, worble may be my long lost twin brother! Hence the similar names!

  • Jon Simon

    It’s the war of the w(a/o)rbles. I’ve lost my marbles!

  • WarbleFly

    Hi, Jon Simon.

    Are you still there ?

    H E L L O O O O O O – is anyone here ??????????

    Hmmmmm . . . everyone is gone, wonder why ?
    Go A’s !!!

  • Wondering Why

    I think WarbleFly is an Argus employee.

  • WarbleFly

    I am the real deal WarbleFly and my little cuz that stole my nik has called out poor jon simon! Litt;e W-Fly,,leave the man alone and use your own nik!

    Yes siree,,I did not post #71, that was perpetrated by one of my admirers,,next time just send me some chocolates!

  • WarbleFly

    Nah,,,Im not an Argus employee. in fact I think the state of newspapers today is a sorry lot.

  • SuperDuper

    Warble, Jon Simon or other fans of current Fremont management, I’ve tried to give careful thought to the respective debate and positions on the Cisco field and I think I’ve come up with a (for me) pivotal question that, if we can remain fixed on the facts, might yield some consensus in our debate. Here’s my thought -

    1. The relative advantages/disadvantages of the proposed Cisco development will, in large measure, come down to fiscal impact – costs hopefully will be offset by revenues. There will be much that the city management will have to forecast and negotiate that will ultimately create some econonmic result.

    2. The economic projections will have to span many, many years of the proposed ballpark operations. The timeframe of these projections will make these difficult – not impossible, but it will require sharp minds.

    My question is this – the city has demonstrated its inability to project tax revenues from year-to-year accurately. Remember the Utility Tax we sorely needed followed by a tax surplus ? Now – before you get into the variables of residential property tax projections, I’ll agree that there’s some uncertainties.

    My question is – if City Hall can’t project year-over-year tax incomes, why would I trust them with an accurate projection of the proposed ballpark economic benefit over a life of, perhaps, 20 year ?

    As I said – this is a pivotal point for me. I hope one of you or another City Hall proponent would help me to understand where my “sentiment” on this point is seriously flawed.

  • bb0x231

    Has there been any more discussion of putting elevated pedestrian walkways over the Automall/Christy Street intersection ?

    Doesn’t it make sense to keep the flow of traffic coming off of 880 unimpeded by the large amount of pedestrian traffic trying to cross Automall from proposed parking to the North ?

    THis sure seems like a great idea.

  • Californiaguy

    there have been rumours about a pedestrian bridge but the EIR is not out yet, when it is issued in a few weeks we will know there solutions to the traffic and parking problems.
    What tax revenues, 85 or 90 percent of the taxes will go to Redevelopment Agency.
    No money from redevelopment funds can pay for Police, Fire or Street Maintenance.
    It is a huge pot of money that the City Council (Redevelopment Agency) Can play Developer, like the Bart Station in Irvington , that I am not sure anyone wants.
    A Bart Station every 2 miles?

  • SuperDuper

    Good point, and I stand corrected -

    Whatever category of “proceeds” from the stadium are a part of our analysis and projections – my point was that I am hopeful that someone can help me understand why I would trust far more convoluted and longer-term projections from the stadium “investment” when we struggle to make year-over-year projections of tax revenues.

  • bb0x231

    Dont forget our ongoing inability to develope a cohesive plan, and more importantly, a tangible result for our Centerville project.

    We want these folks to build a “world class” stadium (????!!!) – heck, they can’t produce a tangible result in a couple of blocks that make up the Centerville district – WHY WOULD YOU TRUST THESE JOKERS to manage the development of a MLB stadium ????