Fremont Vector Control

Here’s a link to a story in today’s paper about the county’s vector control district trying annex Fremont. Fremont doesn’t have much in the way of vermin problems so the question is whether it’s worth it for homeowners to pay another $10 bucks a year for the service.

For some reason, Fremont doesn’t attract many rats. I asked Tri-City area sewer district honcho Rich Currie yesterday if his people see a lot of rats. He told me today that no one has seen one in 15 years. Cockroaches are prevalent though. We’ll write more about this as the vote nears.

Matt Artz

  • Tracy

    There are rats in Fremont – tree rats. Not sure how vector control impacts rats running along fences or climbing trees with the squirrels, though.

  • Glenn

    I have never seen a cockroach in Fremont, in five different homes and apartments over many years.

    I have seen rats. Like Tracy says, they climb about on fences and trees until they find a way into the house. Most recently, a few got into our crawl space and chewed through our TV cable. We can patch up and get rid of them, but there are always replacements within a year or two.

    We also have skunks and possum. While cute some of the time, I don’t know if they are counted as vermin (doesn’t appear so, unless they suspect rabies). But when a skunk lets loose at 2am and I had my window open, or when a possum decides to move into the basement and fill it with millions of fleas, I know how I’d choose.

    Here’s hoping that Fremont vector control doesn’t ignore what apparently doesn’t get seen in the sewer during normal business hours.

  • Hargita Kaplan

    There ARE rats in Fremont, make no doubt about it. I have lived in Fremont for 21 years and have come across rats in the Vineyard Hills area, the creekside, in Niles, at Lake Elizabeth, and other places around Fremont. Maybe the rat abatement has been doing a great job in some areas around Fremont that I am not aware of but my last sighting of a rat was at Lake Elizabeth, walking around the lake 3 weeks ago.

  • Mary Greppi

    We have a racoon problem in our neighborhood(Centerville). We also have opossums and skunks. Would love to have help getting rid of them. We worry about our cats. Last night horrible sounds coming from or neighbors tree. It sounded like a monster attacking something. We couldn’t find our cat and didn’t know if it was in the tree too. We have a pool and we think it is drawing the racoons. As for the rats, mice, golfers and moles our cats help with that problem. They catch several a week. Would love help but not sure who to call.

  • VOR

    “As for the rats, mice, golfers and moles our cats help with that problem.” Since Bill Murray did such a bang up job in Caddyshack I’d start with him. He could probably help with the golfers too.

  • Poppie

    We never had too many rats. Then a neighbor put in a huge compost pile and let their yard go to pot. They kept dumping stuff in their backyard.
    We’d trap two or three rats a week in the yard — some weeks we had five. Our dog kept killing them, too. They would run along the electric wires into the house and make noise in the attic, and we’d trap them there, too. ‘
    Finally they moved and had to clean up their yard to sell the house. We had a huge burst of rat incidents and trappings, then nothing. The new neighbors put in a big vegetable garden and took care of it, no rats since then.
    Squirrels, though, were pretty busy along the fence and in the trees.
    All you need in a neighborhood is one neighbor to create a big nest or colony for them, and everybody has problems until the nest gets cleared out.
    Other than that, don’t put out food for your animals, feed them indoors. Your cats shouldn’t be running loose outside, either.

  • Californiaguy

    Perhaps vector control should check out the City Council Chambers

  • bbbox231

    Mary Greppi -

    Not sure there’s anyone *to* call on this Mary.
    I am not aware of any public service which will help you catch any of these animals.

    What you described sounded like Racoons, which are pretty angry and vicous in any kind of squabble – AND which are the only one of the bunch that I’d worry about being a threat to your kitties.

    I’ve spoken to some Fremont folks who have been successful with a large cage trap (bait it with some food) and once snared, I am told that the animal control folks will take it away. . . . . but, before you attempt this path – you might want to make sure you now who you’re going to call and confirm that they’ll haul off a caged racoon.

    I think I’ve seen the traps offered for sale at Dale if you wanted to buy one. . . . . but, ask around – there’s frequently someone in the neighborhood that has one and they’re always glad to loan them out. . . . these are not the little rodent-style cages but perhaps 24 ” tall and maybe 3′ long – - you’ll DEFINATELY know when you’ve snared one – - racoons kick up a real fight when they’re cornered.

    The possums are largely harmless – as are the squirrels and occasional skunks – - the last of these, you wouldn’t want to catch even if you could. Leave them alone and they’ll give you and your kitty plenty of room.

    Your BEST alternative, though, is to try to as much as possible, eliminate or control food sources such as outdoor cat dishes and garbage cans . . and try to encourage your neighbors to do similarly.

    No food means all of these animals will look elsewhere since alternative sources are EASY to come by in our urban setting.

    Your pool IS an attraction to the racoons, but only after finihsing a meal somewhere nearby.

    Good luck !