Argus columnist exploited in Nigerian scam

If you’re one of several Fremonters who got a distressing email from Argus Columnist Jaime Richards over the weekend,  delete it and don’t sweat it. Richards, a relentlessly upbeat teacher, is not stuck in Nigeria, and he does not need your money to help him escape. He’s safe at home and still teaching in Fremont.

I don’t know how the scam artists got his name and info, I just know it’s a scam.
Here is the e-mail that several people got:
Subject: Emergency!!!!!!!! I NEED YOUR HELP…….. ASAP
Hi,I’m sorry I never inform you of my recent travel out of the country for a programme called “Empowering the Youth to fight Racism, HIV/AIDS and Poverty” It is currently holding in Nigeria, Austria and South Africa. Currently, i’m stranded here in Nigeria because I got robbed on my way to the hotel where I stay now. My ID, Credit card, cash and other valuables I have with me were stolen, I contacted the embassy here to help me out but it will take them a bit of time to get back to me, so I will need a soft loan of $2500 from you to help me sort out the hotel bills and get back home from here, I promise I will pay you back upon my return, please write back as soon as you can so that I can provide you with information which you are to use in sending the money to me via Western union money transfer, I trust you would help me out of here.Regards. 


Jaime Richards
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Matt Artz