Sue Chan’s endorsements

This isn’t a truth patrol. I don’t have time to verify anyone’s endorsers. For a full list of the people who endorsed Sue Chan, click here. Since it seems that so many politicos read this blog, I’ll leave it up to them to inform us if their names have been included incorrectly. If that is the case, I will mention it here. But if all the endorsements are legit, then Zack, I think you owe Ms. Chan and Charles the Minuteman an apology.

I’m thinking of trying out a new blog comment rule. When a commenter, who uses a fake name/email address accuses a different commenter using a fake name/ email address of actually being a real person involved in city politics, that comment will be deleted.

Matt Artz


  1. Matt,

    I had a strong feeling we would hear from you on this matter.

    If you are going to start requesting apologies on behalf of a candidate when someone posts a questionable comment, you should be fair about this, and show respect for all candidates in this race, not just the one candidate that you support.

    I realize you included Barlett’s name in there, but Zack’s comment about the minuteman not falsifying endorsements does not require an apology. I noticed zack posted a much more critical comment toward Bartlett, and I did not hear you requesting an apology for that post.

    So, if you are going to pretend to take a moral high road, please be fair and consistent.

    Susan M.

  2. Hello Mrs. M,

    In the Minutemen we’re use to name calling, getting stuff thrown at us, and having all kinds of threats and insults come our way. Rolls off like water… In fact, if someone actually likes us that’s darn right weird!


  3. Matt

    I think you miss a basic of internet communications, and in particular, internet communications in an uncontrolled mechanism such as this Blog. . . . specifically, any presumption of “identity” is a likely false assumption on the part of . . . . well, take your pick – but you have the presence of a “valid” email alias does little or nothing to confirm an individual’s true identity.

    I *think* I understand your intention and idea – but, the moral “highground” you seek is undermined by a complete unawareness as to who’s who.

  4. Matt Artz —

    Are you Sue Chan’s adopted son?


    – Frustrated

  5. Does this have something to do with mushroom madness?

    After reading this blog entry, Matt, I’m starting to think that portobellos aren’t the only type of mushrooms you’re into…!

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