Newark’s cheapest gas

I decided to take an hourlong drive through the city today (Sept. 12, about 12:30 to 1:30 p.m.) and log some of the gas prices I saw. I started in the north-end of town near Jarvis Avenue, and then worked my way to Thornton and Mowry avenues. I keyed mainly on the high-level gas (i.e. the most expensive grade) because that’s what I use in my car. Let’s face it, we in the media always play games with these numbers. When we’re trying to sell you on a story about prices dropping, we’ll key in on the low grade because it is cheapest. And when we feel “prices are through the roof” we’ll go for the high end. I always like to know what effects me.

Here’s a list of stations I passed along with the price for the high-grade gas. This list goes from highest to lowest, you know to build suspense. 

Station/Location              Price (high-grade)

Chevron  (Cedar Boulevard & Thornton Avenue)  $4.15

Shell (Newark Boulevard & Jarvis Avenue)       $4.13

Chevron (Newark Boulevard & Jarvis Avenue)   $4.13

Shell (Cedar Boulevard & Thornton Avenue)     $4.07

76 (Mowry Avenue (near NewPark Mall) )      $4.07

76 (Newark Boulevard & Cedar Boulevard    $4.00

Valero (Mayhews Landing & Thornton Avenue)   $3.99

USA Mini Mart (& gas)  (Olive Street & Thornton Avenue)  $3.96

A&S Enterprises (Sycamore Street and Thornton Avenue) $3.95

 A couple observations:

*As suspected the lesser brand gas stations yielded the lowest prices across the board.

*The gas price situation near Highway 84 was interesting. Both Shell and Chevron, which are across the street from one another at Jarvis and Newark, had the same prices and were 13 cents higher than 76, which was only one full block to the south. I bet it has something to do with the fact that Chevron and Shell are closer to the freeway.

*Oddly enough, the Shell and Chevron stations at Newark and Cedar varied greatly — by 7 cents — in price, whereas they wsere identical near Highway 84.  Shell, the cheaper of the two, has a much smaller station but features a car wash and mini mart. Whereas Chevron has at least three times as many gas pumps and a very small walk-in store. Hmm.

**Note: I think I got to all the stations, but if I happened to miss one drop me a line and let me know. I’ll be sure to include it during my next trip through the city. baguirre@bayareanewsgroup.com


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