Matt Artz


  1. Good one, Doug !

    Can you say “Houston – we have a problem” ?

    Forget that we’ve had only a couple of minor “hiccups” at city hall – ANY time is a good time for a new “ballpark village !!!!! Throw more decision making and economic responsibilty onto the shoulders of these “three stooges.”

    Take a stroll over to Centerville to examine the result of your city’s ongoing use of Redevelopment funds to date.

    With the rocket scientists we have running this show, we’ll be lucky if we clear the tower. ALL SYSTEMS GO – Go, Go, Go A’s !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I know a response will be posted soon stating the proposed Village is a number of years away. I realize they would not be built until after completion of Cisco Field and that’s 2013 at best. By that time the economy will have turned around.
    But anyone reading the news should understand this economic “downturn” as No. 43 prefers to call it, is not like anything we have seen since the Great Depression. At this point there is no light at the end of the tunnel and Lew Wolff knows it.

  3. Lew Wolf also knows the intracacies of ballpark operations and economics. He has many years experience in such negotiations and management. Our city leaders know . . . . . you fill in the blank . . . . . about planning, negotating for, supporting the operations of, and (someday) remediating a ballpark of this size . . . .

    Lew knows he has a “motivated” buyer on his hands, and one that knows precious little about the thing they are “buying”.

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