Fremont SWAT takes second at Urban Shield

Still trying to confirm this, but it appears the Fremont Police Department’s SWAT contingent took second place in the Urban Shield anti-terrorism exercise held last weekend throughout the East Bay. Apparently the group finished just behind the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, which clearly has a leg up on SWAT situations due to the “routine” calls they receive in that jurisdiction. Fremont SWAT took first place honors in 2007, the first year of the state-wide competition.



  1. How much TAX payers money was used for the cops of Fremont to go on a paid-vacation to shoot guns and run around the forest!!?!?!?!?

    Yet they have the nerve to say the police force is “under funded” and they’re “short-staffed”!!!!!!

    If you can waste tax payers money on a paid vacation, CLEARLY you have enough money!!!!!

  2. Akuma, the Urban Shield exercise is conducted in different venues around the Bay Area and is far from a “paid vacation” as you described it. The scenarios run 24 hours over the course of three days and prepare the officers participating for situations they could face and includes the rescue of hostages. In case you ever find yourself being one you may be thankful for their advanced training.

  3. Akuma,
    I understand your frustration about how our tax payer money is being spent. The police are not misusing it as much as you might think. I believe programs such as Urban Shield are vital so that our police force will be better prepared in the case on an emergency. As you may have known I am a candidate running for city council. I would like to increase Fremont’s police presence throughout our city. I support programs that would pay for more police and better city services without raising taxes. Please help me get elected and I will make sure that your tax dollars are not wasted. I can promise you that I will hold every city politician accountable once I am in office and make Fremont a better place to live.

  4. Akuma,
    I can’t be as polite as the others. Someday you will find yourself in a position where you are running away from a situation in which these teams are running into! They do it with one goal, to protect Life! This “Vacation” is a non stop exercise which pushes these teams to the limit for 48 hours. Do the world a favor – Move to Berkeley and hide in a closet, because someday a politician will cut training funds and we won’t be as fortunate to have such a well trained response force to respond to these real world situations.

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