Union City could dump Make a Difference Day

For the first time since I switched from covering Union City to Fremont last year, I want to go back. Because of Union City’s budget issues stemming from the loss of its illegal 911 tax, the city is considering canceling Make a Difference Day.

My apologies to all the do-gooders there; you guys are great, but, for some reason, after three years, writing about a bunch of average joes cleaning up goose poop at Lake Elizabeth just doesn’t rock my world.

I went bowling with an English teacher friend of mine a couple of weeks ago, and we made a bet. If I won, she’d have to write my Make a Difference advance story, and if she won, I’d have to grade her students’ homework assignment.

She beat me in the last frame.

FYI: No, I couldn’t have actually let her write the story, but I think with some guidance I will be grading homework. Should be an ego boost.

Matt Artz