Matt Artz


  1. Ooooh, aaah – – – – I’m scared Lou.

    Let’s see – so, if Wasserman and Co. don’t lick your boots, you’ll take the team to . . . . . . where, Chico , Vallejo ? Loads of land to develope out there somewhere, right Lou ? And with the A’s logo behind you, heck – you can’t go wrong !

    If that’s the way it is – I guess you aren’t seeing any particular “benefit” to being a resident of Fremont. . and I’m guessing that once you got the “ballpark” and surrounding real estate developed and sold – there’s really nothing that stops you from moving on and putting up more condos somehwere else – Fremont today – what’s next Lou ????.

  2. I am a candidate running for Fremont City Council. I support bringing the A’s to Fremont. I spoke with Kieth Wolff of the A’s yesterday about my proposal for adding a convention Center in the area of the new Ballpark. He said that his primary focus was only on the new stadium but a convention center would be good for the city. The best location for the new Convention Center would be adjacent to 880 and the electronic convention center billboard would be highly visable from the freeway. Please help me get elected on November 4th and together we will change Fremont for the better.

  3. Worble,
    Please say yes to the A’s coming to Fremont. As long as they come to town under a responsible plan, what is your issue? Everybody that is against bringing the A’s here points to conjestion as their main negative reason. I can tell you that more people go to Costco in a day than would go to the new stadium. Fremont will greatly benefit from them coming here. Vote for me on Nov. 4th.

    Larry Montgomery

  4. Wow – Larry M seems to make a (sorta) circular counter argument. . . try this on for size –

    1. He makes the point that “more people go to Costco in a day than would go to a typical game” – with the obvious inference that traffic isn’t a problem – BUT, what Larry forgets is that ALL those people are trying to get to the stadium at the same time – so, the ability of 880 and Automall to handle 20000 people going to and from Costco (which I wonder is accurate) is spread over an 8-hour business day versus, jamming 20000 people into a 1-2 hour arrival on game-day.

    2. Indirectly, there is a clear inference that many, many, many people go to Costco at the end of Automall. Now – ask yourself – what happens to all those people (and their Costco sales) on game day ?
    I’ll bet all that regular traffic doesn’t show up at *this* particular costco on game days. What’dya want to wager ?

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