Trisha Tahmasbi has a web site

To check it out, click here.

She’s also having a big campaign kick-off event this Thursday with, of all people, Bob Wasserman, listed in a fancy font as the Special Guest. Remember, the mayor is backing Bob Wieckowski and Sue Chan for council, not Tahmasbi.

A mayor attending a big party/fundraiser for a candidate he’s not supporting? That sooooooo wouldn’t happen in Berkeley. Maybe Bob’s as big a sucker for free food as I am. If the party host is reading this, I’m requesting some of that super delicious crusty rice they have at Persian restaurants. Maybe sprinkle some pistachios on it?

Matt Artz


  1. “crusty rice” – sounds like Sue Chan rice, not Persian rice. You’re loosing your senses.

    “soooooo” not a word – spell check your articles.

    Matt Artz tell us more about Sue Chan’s upcoming events I heard you will be the waiter. I wouldn’t doubt that by reading these articles you so childishly write. Since you her waiter/caterer in this campaign – how about you bring me some off that uncooked over expired salmon next time – thank you.

  2. I love that crusty rice.

    I actually wasn’t formally invited to Sue Chan’s big campaign shindig. She emailed me a press release after the fact, but I didn’t do anything with it. If I had been invited, I would have requested fried tofu balls.

    I don’t want to know which candidate you think that sounds like?

  3. Sorry, Interesting Race, since you are correcting Matt’s colloquial use of the word “sooooo” – Just FYI, it’s “losing your senses” – not “loosing your senses”.

    Unless you’re implying that he’s set them loose, and hasn’t lost them.

  4. Jen:

    Matt lost his senses (if he ever had any) a long time ago! That is evident from his blog entries. I don’t think there is any ambiguity there.


    I don’t think you should be invited to Trisha’s shindig, either. You haven’t exactly been fair to her in your capacity as a “reporter” or as a blogger. Also, your racial and ethnic undertones aren’t the least bit amusing. But thank you for letting us know about Trisha’s website.

    Susan M.

  5. Having watched Trisha during the recent “debate” – I was disappointed. She was particularly “benign” in her positions and did little to offer anything of distinction. . . .

    I was hoping to find something tangible in her web site. Perhaps some thoughts about her concerns (if she has any) regarding the development of Cisco field) or how we might improve the economy of the city (while we’re on that topic – let’s discuss the contributions of wages to workers at Cisco field versus high tech jobs that are displaced by this development) – perhaps some thoughts on the state of the city and its economic planning which seems to yo-yo wildly.

    Trisha’s unwillingness to offer thinking that is critical of obvious flaws that, I can’t help but believe that her political experience has taught her the lessons of how to “get along, by getting along”.

  6. I attended both the league of women voters debate and the joint school/council forum and I respectfully disagree with your assessment. As far as I’m concerned, Trisha’s performance outshined the others. This is not a presidential debate. The panelists only have 60 seconds to respond to some tough questions. I don’t know that I’ve been particularly impressed with any of the candidates’ websites. I also attended her kickoff event. They mentioned that Tahmasbi has garnered support from every organization that requires an interview to gain an endorsement. This has got to count for something. Also, if Fremont’s police and fire fighters think she is good enough, she sure has my vote.

  7. Zack, very good point. If a candidate receives EVERY endorsement that requires an interview process, that does indeed say something. It says that when these people actually MEET and DISCUSS the ISSUES with these candidates, they are choosing the candidate that they believe knows the issues pertinent to their members and knows how to work with people to get things done. Trisha Tahmasbi is obviously that candidate for every one of these organizations. If it did not mean something, these candidates wouldn’t even waste their time interviewing!

    Trisha also does have the support of the Fire Fighters and the Police Department. Very good job Trisha. You did an excellent job at both debates.

  8. I also attended both Debates. I thought Vinnie Bacon did exceptionally well. He actually answered all the questions and was not vague or gave politician type answers. Bacon2008.com
    I checked his website and found he had taken positions on several issues facing Fremont.

  9. I agree that Tirsha is being too nice,trying to please everybody. Although she spoke eloquently, the concern is she is part of Albert Torrico, Bob Wieckowski team and will follow the status-quo.

  10. Matt Zinger –
    Then you must be concerned about Sue Chan since she is being heavily funded by John Dutra, former Fremont Council Member and Assemblymember. Oh yeah, and he’s a millionaire developer, too.
    Also noticed that Mr. Dominic Dutra is aggressively pushing her.
    Wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that she’ll be their puppet on the council. These guys both have business that constantly comes before the council for approval.
    I think Trisha’s “no developer contribution” pledge tells us all that she’s not part of the “status-quo” and is not the “go along” type.

  11. Just listened to Trisha’s YouTube and as I stated previously, there’s a very pleasant sentiment (but very little in the way of what she will or will not support in terms of actions that are important to taxpayers) – on the other hand, the fire fighters and PD who’s pensions and benefits are spiraling in a positive direction while the rest of us have to find a way to do without, are supporting Trisha. . . . I suppose some find that desireable. . . . the list of Trisha supporters are almost as telltale as the notable and repeated absence of clear positions on several crucial issues.

    By her own admission, Trisha knows what these “important issues” are – but fails to address them over and over.

  12. BBoxer, Once again, you are unrealistic in your expections. That was a 3 minute video to address voters. If you have specific policy issues or concerns, why don’t you contact the campaigns of these candidates and ask your questions of them directly. I am sure that they would be willing to address any concerns you have. By the way, Bboxer, can I ask who you are supporting? Because your expectations are so high for getting information off of these blogs, I can’t imagine that you would be behind any candidate. And really none of them have a decent website to speak for. On one hand, you’ve got Chan, who in my opinion is out of touch, unrealistic, and who is heavily funded by developer money. There is no way she will have the “rest of us” in mind if she gets a seat on the council. On the other hand you’ve got Bacon, who seems unrealistic in his expections for Fremont’s growth rates to stay stagnate. I was teetering on the brink of supporting BAcon, but I do want the A’s in fremont, and I am not sure about his ideas for Fremont’s growth and development. I’m not even going to address Bartlett as a viable candidate. I spoke directly with Trisha at her campaign kickoff meeting. She is a very knowledgable young woman. I believe she is intelligent and open-minded, and I do believe she wants to listen to voter concerns. Give the campaign a call if you have any questions. Do the same for the other candidates, and make your decision based on that, not what you are finding in three minute videos, or rushed debates, or Artz’s blog entries. Just some food for thought.

  13. I completely agree with bbox, Trisha is not clear on a lot of specific issues. I formed this opinion based on the candidate forums that I watched and from her website.
    She is supported by Police Union who also endorsed Bob Wasserman & Bob Wieckowski. From the big campaign signs put up by Police Union, it is clear that they want to protect their pensions at the cost of average Fremont tax-payer. Fremont residents do not need another career politician in the City Council. They deserve better.

    Unfortunately, the candidates who are specific on a lot of issues are not getting that much importance since they are not well funded. Candidates like Montgomery, Alan Sterling deserve a chance.

  14. Hey, Matt Zinger, and Box: What specific issues would you like the candidate to address in a three minute video? And the candidate forums are very rushed. They get like, what 60 seconds to answer a question? How specific can you get in 60 seconds? I’ve been saying since I found this sorry blog that you people should do research into the candidates voting record, experience, and even contact them yourself, personally. Don’t just sit around reading this blog. There’s a whole world of information out there. Get involved for heavens sake.

    Any of these candidates would have loved to get the endorsements Tahmasbi has gotten. They wouldn’t spend their time vying for them otherwise. Each of the endorsements involves questions and interviews. Nearly every candidate, I’m sure has tried to get these endorsements, and Tahmasbi is the one that is getting them.

    And as far as career politicians, does that mean that ANYONE that has the desire to take part in public service is some how corrupt? Well, Zinger, I’ve got news for you: THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE CHANGE IN THIS COUNTRY IS TO INVOLVE YOURSELF IN THE POLITICAL PROCESS! THAT IS THE ONLY WAY. Your comment is out of line. Public service is a very very hard gig. I can’t even imagine doing it myself. And for someone Trisha’s age to be so successful and so involved, that is very impressive. It takes a very special person to accomplish this. We need young people to be involved in our political process. We need fresh ideas, and fresh perspectives. We need to inspire our young people to get involved in the political process. We need women to be involved in our political process (any woman except Sarah Palin). It is just that simple. Instead of throwing out criticisms on this blog, why don’t you take a few minutes and contact her? Is that so hard?

    The person in this race that you should be weary of is the one that has her hands in the pockets of the Dutra Family. Fremont deserves better than that. That prospect is very dangerous for Fremont. Very dangerous. I’m sure Stirling would agree with that!

    And on the subject of Stirling, he is out of touch with his ideas. They are not realistic, for heaven’s sake! He wants to fire everyone and clear out everyone, come on. That’s never going to fly! You need someone that is able to work with all different groups. It is the only way to get things done with you are dealing with such a diverse city. Please be realistic.

    And if you guys are totally unhappy with everything and everyone you come across, and if you have big ideas, then get off of the blogs, and run for office yourself! No one is stopping you!

  15. Oh, and CaliforniaGuy, I think that is the only positive thing I’ve ever read from you on any blog entry I’ve seen you on! Congratulations! You finally found something that made you happy!

  16. Susan M.

    Die-hard supporters will go all the way to support/shout for their candidates. Facts are facts. People know that Trisha is in tank with Bob Wasserman and Bob Wieckowski.
    Fremont knows what to expect if all 3 of them are elected seeing the last 4 years of present City Council

    The record speaks for itself.

    1) Ill-advised Utility Tax Proposal which I am sure will be proposed again in 2010 if 2 Bobs and Trisha get elected
    2) Rise in Burglaries, Crime. What are the Police doing except saying “No funds”.
    3) Support for A’s without knowing the specifics of the project and its impact on Fremont. BTW, I am a diehard A’s fan

    Fremont, Better wake up and vote in the right candidates. Don’t get fooled by those big support signs. You will pay if you vote the wrong way.

  17. Zinger,

    From what I’ve seen and heard of Trisha, she is the ONLY candidate that is able to process information objectively, from all sides, and come to a fair conclusion. This is how she is getting these endorsements, even the ones that conflict with Alberto Torrico’s views! She has the Rental Housing Owners Association endorsement, for heaven’s sake! She has the Chamber of commerce endorsement! That is what we want in a candidate. All of these organizations represent thousands of constituants. They don’t mess around with who they put their support behind. You are playing the guilt by association card that the desparate republicans are playing, saying that if a candidate is friends with another candidate, they will vote exactly how they do. You have NO evidence to this effect.

    For Chan, we know that she is being fully funded by developers that will have proposals before the councils. We know that the Dutra family is working day and night to get this woman on the council. From hearing her and her supporters talk, we know that she has zero substance, and no objectivity. You want a career politician, look at Chan for heaven’s sake! We know that HER previous voting record has often been against the best interest of Fremont. There is where you can say the facts are the facts.

    If your candidate is Stirling, you need to wake up. This is not a dictatorship. We can’t have a single guy move in and clear out the current government and take over everything to shape it the way he wants to. That is not realistic. Of course he is not well funded! (Most) people aren’t idiots, for heaven’s sake!

    Anyway, Zinger, at times I’ve agreed with you, but this time you are dead wrong. Let’s just agree to disagree on this. You are not willing to take the time to speak with these candidates in person, and that is very unfortunate. If there are specific issues YOU as a voter want addressed, you should spend the time to contact EVERY candidate and see how they respond. It is that simple, otherwise, you are working off of hunches, which, as a voter, is very irresponsible.

  18. It’s easy to tell people what they want to hear when you meet them just once. I personally don’t put any stock into these endorsements.

  19. I heard that Trisha made the pledge for no development money AFTER John Dutra said he wouldn’t support her.

    It’s funny that her campaign has tried to smear Dutra AFTER Trisha asked for his support and did not receive it. Why would she ask for his support if he’s such a bad guy?

  20. Jeff,

    That’s usually what people say when their candidate doesn’t get the endorsement.

  21. Susan M –

    I’ve heard some pretty clear positions from Bacon, Kahn, Bartlett verbalized and/or written in various venues. It’s not difficult. It starts with “I am in favor of…..” or “I am not in favor of……” or “I think we can do better at ……” with the blanks addressing some of the more critical matters of the day. That Susan M. attempts to discredit the thoughts of others based on some arbitrary standard of how much effort someone should put forth to properly examine a given candidate is devisive and off-topic.

    Let’s stay on point – and since you’ve worked so hard at understanding Trisha’s positions – perhaps help those of us who have not worked as hard.

    What is Trisha’s thoughts on the wild swings in city operating budget deficits and surplus ?

    How much could revenue could be added to the city coffers by charging an installation fee for each residential alarm operating in Fremont ? HOw much does Trisha think could be generated if we charged for a “false” response service ?

    Who does Trisha think we can hold accountable for millions in RDA funds that have not produced tangible benefit ?

    Susan M – I agree with your point that voting constituency need to work hard to examine prospective candidates. However – you have never, not once responded with any tangible reason as to why Trisha or the other pro-status-quo candidates continue to not involve themselves in this kind of venue – while others DO.

    Stay on point now – keep the personal flames out of it – why is it possible for Bartlett or Bacon to engage but NOT others ????? What’s the difference Susan M ?

  22. Box, I am not going to do your footwork for you. I am a strong supporter of Trisha’s and not a spokesperson for her campaign. I will not speak for her specific positions on any policy issues. I do not have permission to do so, and it is ridiculous for you to ask me to do so. If you would like these specific questions answered, go ahead and send these questions off to the campaign. Your questions are not my questions. We are two separate voters. And let me set the standard that I’m going by for you, it is by no means arbitrary, it is based on common sense: The standard is not to ask someone on Matt Artz’s blog what a candidate’s positions are, or assume what they are by the people the candidate knows. Candidates provide phone numbers, emails, mailing addresses and they host events to meet voters and address their concerns.

    Believe it or not, Box, this blog is not the be all end all source of information.

  23. And “Well…” John Dutra has been a strong supporter of Wieckowski since his first run, and Dutra and his family made it clear from the get go that Chan is his number two. Trisha never asked for Dutra’s support. This debunks your ridiculous accusation. Developer money is there for the taking. Any candidate that wants it can have it. Trisha’s stance to reject it is sending a strong message that she is the voice for Fremont’s residents. Please get a clue.

  24. …and once again, Susan M does not respond to the question – “why is it possible for Bartlett or Bacon to engage but NOT others ????? What’s the difference Susan M ?”

    (BTW – this point – which was previously asked and which Susan M continues to ignore has NOTHING to do with Susan M “doing my homework” – which is, again, a devisive argument aimed at discrediting the individual instead of promoting a solution)

  25. First, there is no way for anyone to know who asked who for whose endorsement unless you were in the room listening in. Also, Matt and BBox321, who do you guys support? I’m just curious. You’re talking negative about one candidate, but you are not letting us know who you support yourselves and why…? Also, I’m not sure if you realize that one of the two ladies in this election, I’m almost absolutely sure, will be our next city council member. Whether you agree with that or not, I think that is true. Just something to think about. I’m not sure that any accusations about Trisha being the status quo are true, or if they can even be substantiated to any degree, and she surely is not the only candidate that wasn’t specific on an issue or two. I can’t think of one positive about Chan, except that she is older, and I’m really not sure that that is even a positive! Khan, he is unrealistic in my opinion. Stirling and Barlett are a bit extreme in their views I think. Who am I missing? Well, it doesn’t really matter. The two top candidates in this election are Chan and Tahmasbi. The incumbent will almost certainly be reelected, whether we like that or not, that’s just what past experience has shown. If you guys are suggesting in some way that Chan is not a status-quo candidate or a professional politician, let me know why….maybe you know something that I don’t. Nothing confrontational here, just some thoughts I had. I save my confrontational repartee for the blog entries that have to do with the pet shop protests!

  26. How is telling you to do some research on your own and not rely on Matt Artz to provide you with all of your information a divisive comment?

  27. Hello All,

    For people who care about candidate’s positions on various issues, please tune to Channel 26. They are running candidate forum for the next 3-5 days. I attended 2 candidate forums and I clearly know each candidate’s stance on issues concerning Fremont. The current incumbent Bob Wieckowski and status-quo politicians have no position on any issue, they all talk like an attorney, waiting for the elections to be over.

    Bob Wieckowski did not even attend one candidate forum hosted by the Fremont PTA and was late for another forum. He is hoping that with all the scratch-back endorsements he got, that he will get elected to the City Council. If any voter attended atleast one City Council Meeting and watched Bob Wieckowski talk on any issue, he will never vote for him again.

  28. Trisha is a young 20-something running for city council, has pleasantly surprised the police, the firefighters, the unions, AND the Chamber of Commerce. For heaven’s sake, she’s a candidate that BOTH business and labor interests can get behind. How many times has this happened?

    And she’s the status quo candidate? A young, 20-something is the status quo candidate?! Seriously, guys.

  29. Endorsements does not matter. Each group does it to protect their own interests, not the average tax-payer. Fremont Chamber of Commerce is a big joke, it is like a small-merchant association. It is headed by Nina Moore who does not have real-world business experience. Fremont is in the Silicon Valley Backyard but how come so many hi-tech companies have not setup their businesses for so many years. It is because of the status-quo politicians who promise everything during election time but do nothing thereafter proactively.

  30. Zinger, if endorsements do not matter, why do these candidates waste their time pursuing them?

    Also, Nina Moore is not the point. The point is that the Chamber of Commerce represents local businesses. For a candidate to get both labor and union support says something. We need a candidate that is able to work with ALL groups to get things done. Not only did the Chamber endorse Trisha, but they ONLY endorsed Trisha. They interviewed all of the candidates, including Vinnie Bacon. NONE OF THEM STACKED UP TO TRISHA. They could of endorsed two, for pete’s sake! For a democratic candidate to get the endorsement of both business and labor is very impressive.

    If Vinnie Bacon had gotten EITHER of these two endorsements, would they be worthless to you? I don’t think so. When a candidate is behind, they often downplay the accomplishments of other candidates. It is to be expected. Looks like you’ve got some “career politician” attributes, yourself, Mr. Zinger.

  31. I am a average tax-payer and not a political supporter of any candidate who goes out of the way to promote their favorite candidate while dissing others. I care about my pocket book and how the tax dollars that come from State are spent by the City.

    I know what to expect if staus-quo politicians are elected. I already mentioned about the record of the current City Council headed by Mr. Wasserman and that is not good for the last 4 yrs with rising crime, potholed roads and no pro-activeness in getting a stable tax-base. It goes on and on. If somebody is in the tank with status-quo candidates, that is a red herring for everyone about how they should vote.


    You might be a big-time supporter of Trisha but don’t stoop to low-level by making comments about other bloggers without knowing them personally.

  32. I’m making NO low-level comments about you, and I apologize if that’s how it came off. You are making a comment about the character of someone that YOU do not know personally. Please don’t downplay accomplishments, either. All of these candidates seek endorsements. Maybe they don’t matter to you, but they matter to the people these organizations represent, they matter to a lot of Fremont’s residents, and they matter to the candidates themselves. There is no denying that. All I am asking is that you contact the candidates and address your concerns. At the end of the day, you can vote for who ever you want. Of course you can…I am saying don’t judge a person by who their friends are. It is unfair. Judge them by their background, their record, their experience, and their decisions. I am asking you to CONTACT any candidate you are unsure about. Go to an event and meet the candidate. It is what all voters should do, especially on the local level, when it is so easy to do so.

    If you like, let’s just agree to disagree and leave it at that.

  33. Why don’t you two kiss and make up? Maybe I can get Lois to kiss and make up with me- it can get really kinky like in those movies that Bartlett wants to ban in Fremont.

  34. Jim –

    I have stated repeatedly in this BLOG that I am supporting the other name you forgot – Vinnie Bacon.
    I have also repeatedly stated that I am undecided on my second choice.

    Susan M –

    I do not echo (in this instance) Matt’s opinion of endorsements. As I have stated previously, the endorsements of Tahmasbi by PD/FD I do not view as positive. The salaries and benefits of these two service groups are spiraling way out of whack and anyone who has received an endorsement from these groups will (IMHO) undoubtedly be ineffectual at reigning these costs in.

    Re my divisiveness comment – it is your ongoing refusal to address my still outstanding question, which when combined with your redirection and distraction to more personalized questioning re the integrity of my approach to evaluating candidates that is clearly divisive, Susan. I encourage you to focus on my question if you have the desire to do so.

    Again, why is it that other candidates can and will discuss their positions in the open light of day – in this blog, on their personal web sites, and in the open council “debate” – but Tahmasbi has not ?

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