Wasserman sick, will miss tonight’s debate

Mayor Wasserman is suffering from a bout of phnemonia. It’s not nearly as serious as the one that kept him away from City Council meetings two years ago, but it’s enough to keep him out of tonight’s candidate forum and away from Trisha Tahmasbi’s big party/fundraiser on Thursday.

I’m planning to do a live blog of the council debate at 7 p.m. and the mayoral debate at 8 p.m.

Matt Artz


  1. It is unfortunate that Bob can’t attend tonight. . . . So many of us were looking forward to listening to the wisdom acquired from many, many, many years of experience and fine leadership .

  2. Matt –

    How much has the city spent in redevelopment funds over the last 10 years and what do we have to show for it ? Gus seems to be a big fan of RDA funds but appears to be struggling to identify specific benefits from the money spent. Cho seems a bit less enthusiastic wouldn’t you say ?

  3. Wow –

    Fazlur will fix the economy !!!
    Why didn’t McCain pick this guy ???

  4. I hope Wasserman can recover soon. He is such a nice man and our city really need him.

  5. What is up with Bob W and his “DUH….” comment re traffic mitigation at the proposed Cisco field ???

    We all heard you, Bob . . and we know what you were thinking.

    So typical of this current council and staff.

  6. How is it that Wasserman, who is in his mid 70’s is running for mayor again? How is it that he is allowed to put signs up for Mayor on private property where the owner has not approved of the sign? (Example: Valero station on Blacow and Grimmer one of many examples). Bob it’s time you stepped down and let someone who is not corrupt, is not best friends with the police chief,and someone who has a clue as to what is going on in Fremont and what Fremont needs to run for Mayor. That someone is not you. Bob you should be ashamed of yourself for running for Mayor. You are clueless and have no business running for office again. I for one am fed up with the corruption and the level of imcompetence you exhibited when I met you in person and what you have done or should I say not done in the last 4 years. Please retire. Go on a cruise or something. But please for the future of this city go away once and for all and maybe our new mayor will replace the incompetent police chief and hire someone that will hire police officers that actually want to work and live in Fremont.

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