Crime in Fremont

I’m going to have a story in tomorrow’s paper about the council debate Monday. With so many candidates and only so much room for copy, it’s tricky and frustrating to write those stories. I’m going to use the blog to go into depth about a couple of the things brought up in the debate.

One is crime. Several candidates said crime is on the rise, and Fremont needs more police. Here are the FBI stats for the past three years. More tomorrow.

In 2007, Fremont had 606 violent crimes and 5,173 property crimes

In 2006, Fremont had 569 violent crimes and 5,298 property crimes

In 2005, Fremont had 521 violent crimes and 4,803 property crimes

Matt Artz


  1. Same stats with a bit more history:

    2004 – 454
    2003 – 433

    Of course the question is, how does this relate to population?

  2. Thanks, Matt!

    2004 – 454 violent and 5,723 property

    It looks like the whole alarm thing hasn’t had much of an effect on property crimes, though we’d have to look at burglaries versus population year by year to figure that out. Violent crime is clearly going up.

  3. I read the Fremont Bulletin and one thing that is clear , there is many guns used in all these robberies and I am not a racist but when it involves guns there is always a black involved. This I attribute to the low income housing and the migration from , Oakland, Hayward and San Leandro to name a few cities that they come from…

  4. Matt,
    One of the statistics missing on crime reporting in Fremont is the rate of crime per capita, compared to surrounding communities. Otherwise is the crime rate going up everywhere or just Fremont. How do we compare with San Jose, Hayward?
    I think the crime rate is tied to economics rather then the amount of polic officers per capita. It would be a meaningful to know this.

  5. You don’t need to live in Fremont to commit crime in Fremont. Thugs are just as mobile as the residents of Fremont who to their jobs in other locations. Many of those arrested are citizens, and I use the word loosely, of other cities. Opportunity is taken wherever it presents itself. Those committing crimes don’t review online stats before they commit a crime. In fact, I don’t believe there’s any thinking involved.

  6. Wow –

    When will they get it ??

    The decision by Fremont PD to cease responding to residential alarms IS NOT ABOUT RATES OF CRIME. . . .

    That’s an interesting discussion point in and of itself. You can ask yourself what goes on inside the heads of someone who breaks into homes for a living – maybe this decision slows them down – maybe not – maybe it has no impact whatsoever – but how it effects rates of crime is NOT THE P O I N T ! ! ! We’ve consciously avoided the more complicated for some real basic arguments and the funny thing is that all of the proponents want to keep spinning it another direction.

    Folks – this IS about WHY we made this decision.

    The answer we’ve been told (over and over) is that Fremont can’t afford to pay for enough PD to support this service. To which we (and many other cities who face this same problem) suggest, no problem – CHARGE THE OFFENDING RESIDENCES for the services wasted.

    All kinds of silly anecdotes get served up about why THIS suggestion wont or cant work – to which we respond, Why can other cities do this and Fremont cant ?

    Drop all the other divisive thoughts – stay on point – maybe we’ll get a straight answer to this thought – – – someday.

  7. Why should the Fremont Police Department subsidize a for profit, Burglar Alarm Company, Let them hire security guards.
    People who can afford burglar alarms should not get better police protection then those with out.
    It makes a class distinction that I find very distasteful.
    That is the point!

  8. The police force is just LAZY!!!!!!

    They don’t want to check out alarms!
    They don’t want to stop people for redlight running so they use cameras!!
    They don’t want to investigate REAL crimes like rapes, robberies and thefts!


    They WILL cry and whine about how much they’re UNDER PAID!!!! and Under staffed.

    The citizens of Fremont need to stand up to this CIVIL INJUSTICE and DEMAND the WHOLE police force be reviewed and, if necessary, FIRED!!!!!!!!!

  9. Californiaguy and Fremont Bill have the same misunderstanding on this matter. We’ve addressed this point elsewhere in this BLOG – but, we’ll try AGAIN here –

    First the “Class distinction” – Oh my goodness…… I dont think I’ll even address that point.

    Bill, I mean, Californiaguy – we are SUGGESTING that those people who use the PD services unnecesarilly PAY for those services – WHERE IS THE CLASS DISTINCTION IN THAT ????? People that want alarms PAY for them – People that request PD to respond unnecessarilly – PAY for the expenses associated with that response – instead of putting the profits in the back pockets of the private security force as you suggest – I am suggesting that we put it in the pockets of our city WHICH NEEDS MORE MONEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The idea is to generate funds where it is legitimate to do so AND to maintain services to the community . . . .which, under this proposal, can be accomplished – IF THAT’s WHAT YOU WANT TO DO.

    As for the “Class distinction” point – Oh my goodness…… I’m afraid I’m not even going to touch that one – far to lofty a topic for me.

  10. No one wants to address the issue that most of the Fremont Police Department live well over one hour away from Fremont. The majority of police officers have no interest in our community because they do not live here and their children do not go to schools here and their spouses do not shop or work here. These officers make well over $100,000 per year yet they are rude, belligerent, and do not answer calls in a timely manner. Our police chief has done nothing to address these issues with the city such as providing affordable housing. The city of San Jose and Pleasanton and multiple other cities all have their officers live in the town they work at because they provided these officers with incentives. Crime is on the rise everywhere because of the Bush administrations lack of funding to cities. However, Fremont is unique too because of our terrible and corrupt Mayor Wasserman who is best buddies with the Police Chief, the rudeness of our police force and the lack of caring on their part, and last but not least the lack of cooperation amongst city departments and the state of California. Again folks wake up and lets vote Wasserman out of office so that once and for all we can clean up the crime and get a new police chief.

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