Fremont Council Meeting

I confess. I blew off this meeting. Watched a bit on TV, but after Monday’s debates I didn’t have a long night in me. Two things to note:

1) Monster Homes: The council shifted course. Instead of allowing Mission Ranch and Glenmoor neighborhoods to apply for a seven year moratorium on second story additions and new two-story homes, the council expressed support for a six month moratorium in both neighborhoods.

By the end of six months, the council expects to approve the first round of new design standards which would limit the size and bulkiness of new homes in the neighborhoods. Additional design standards would be approved within two years.

2) The council requested a lot of design changes for a proposed GM dealership that would go just north of the Auto Mall. The city obviously wants a the sales tax a dealership would generate, but wasn’t thrilled with the design.

Matt Artz


  1. Hi, Mr. Artz:

    Wonder if you caught anything at the Fremont City Council Meeting on 9/23 about the walls/fences running along both sides of Paseo Padre Parkway (and other spots)??

    Any info would be appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Barbara Gessner

  2. Larry Montgomery, candidate for city council would like to express his view on the two city council issues listed here.
    1.Monster homes? There should be guidelines for adding square footage to an existing home or homesite. At present the Fremont building department has no set guidelines for approving these large remodeling projects. I would be in favor of a neighborhood approval plan by which the adjacent neighbors would have to agree to any project over 4000 square feet.
    2.As for locating the new GM dealership north of the automall. I am suggesting that this proposal be tabled and all other development in that area be put on hold. At least until we see if the new A’s stadium, theme village, housing area and convention center will require additional space. There could also be a need for a new off ramp from the freeway to service the new stadium developments. That would solve the conjestion issues brought up by those opposing the Stadium projects.

  3. Larry, you’re proposing big government tell you what you can and can’t to do with property you own?

  4. Larry says – I would be in favor of a neighborhood approval plan by which the adjacent neighbors would have to agree to any project over 4000 square feet.

    Larry – What do you suppose motivates a neighbor to agree to the aggrevation of a year or more of remodel grief, noise, mess ????

    It seems that to obtain the consensus from the neighbors as you suggest, would only remotely occur. Heck – a wise neighbor might hold out for a little “kickback” ??? !!!

  5. Larry, a recent trip took me up Joyce Ave. I hadn’t been in that neighborhood for quite some time and I was amazed at the number of look-alike mini-mansions that have been built there. There are others on adjacent streets like Plumleigh. I understand one or more contractors bought up properties and built the homes. All are beige stucco exterior, with tile roofs. So much for talking to my next door neighbor if that’s the case. The contractors don’t give a hoot about what the neighbors thinks because they don’t live there. I suggest taking a cruise of the area. Better yet, save gas and take a virtual tour on Google Maps/Street View.

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