Road work

I can’t believe Doug beat me to this, but for road work info click here. It’s updated weekly.

The following streets are getting paved today:

        Blacow Frontage Road from Coco Palm Drive to 125’N of Folsom Drive

  • Hilo Street from Omar Street to Blacow Road
  • Valpey Park Avenue from Grand Teton Park Street to Grimmer Boulevard
  • Paseo Padre Parkway (INSIDE LANES) from Oakridge Drive to Pine Street
  • South Grimmer Boulevard from Paseo Padre Parkway to Parkmeadow Drive

Matt Artz


  1. Is there anywhere that lists all of the roads projects for Fremont? I am happy to hear about any improvements in the city and look forward to also not having to drive over potholes in Niles.

  2. I had called Christina Sweeney, after Matt had forwarded the web link to me..

    Her answer was very frustrating. They post the construction dates after the contractor informs them.. as of last friday, they didn’t know the roadwork schedule for this week..

    It’s sad there is no mandate for the city to post such info anywhere else except on the webpage..

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