Pet store protest

If you drive past the intersection of Mowry and Farwell tomorrow afternoon, you might see several animal welfare protesters. They have scheduled a demonstration outside a new puppy store in the strip mall there, which they think has gotten some of its dogs from puppy mills.

But the owner of the store, Puppy Love Boutique, says all of his dogs come from USDA-approved and inspected breeders. “We will not buy from puppy mills,” said Joey Kakar, a Fremont native, who opened the store two months ago.

The protest organizer, Darlena King, who recently moved to Fremont, said protesters have information that the store has gotten dogs from two companies that she says, are brokers to puppy mills. Kekar denies the allegation.

Puppy Love Boutique is the only store in Fremont that sells dogs. 

Animal welfare advocates have campaigned against buying dogs from pet stores because many pet store acquire their dogs from giant breeding operations where dogs are mistreated, they say.

Kekar said members of a local animal rights group have been passing out fliers outside his shop. When asked about business, Kakar sighed and said that it’s a slow economy.

Matt Artz


  1. Well,

    It’s obvious now . Buying a dog is not cool !

    Saving one or 2 like I did very rewarding.

    2 beautuful and loving Chihuahuas.

    Total coat : $400 and people ask me all the time wher I bought them.

    So proud to say RESCUED .

    I am so glad I chose to save these dogs and I believe they know it .

    I so higly recommend it.

  2. It’s quite laughable and easy to tell who on this blog site is connected with the Puppy Love Store, and who are just people with hearts that care for animals. First of all, everyone cares that there are people dying in Iraq, but that does not make the plight of these helpless animals any less. We are all God’s creatures, and people that treat animals cruelly, are committing crimes against God. To Protesting Protesters, you said, “I hate the fact I live in a place where so many people “protest” everything under the sun.” I am happy that I live in the place that we have the right to speak up for what we believe is wrong. That is what makes this country great. If you hate living in a place like this, what are you doing here? I am sure we would all be much happier if you left.
    Also, it is obvious that the store owner is very worried about these protests. He made it a point to circle the protesters repeatedly with his camera, in order to try to make them feel intimidated. “Nice try! He made it a point to come out and tell the girl who purchased a sick Chihuahua from the store, who died days later, that it’s neck was snapped (not true, unless he snapped the neck). He made it a point to come out and tell the protesters that they were going to lose everything they have. If that is not worried, I don’t know what is. To me, those are very encouraging signs. I am for keeping up these protests for as long as it takes. Great job Darlena!

  3. I have but one thing to say… if the protesters have evidence that this place buys dogs from puppy mills then where is it? They protest yet have not proved anything they say. Until then they really need to find a life. If they have all this evidence then why have they not posted it on the internet?? You know why it’s because they probably don’t have anything but their own distorted imagination….

  4. I encourage everyone to go to the store themselves and see what a horrible place it is.

  5. I bought a puppy from Puppy Love Boutique a while back and my puppy ended up sick within 2 days of purchase. When I took her to the vet, who was recommended to us by Puppy Love Boutique themselves, the vet told me that they’ve seen a LOT of puppies sold from this store come in sick, and usually with ailments consistent with that of a dog traveling miles and coming from a mass breeding facility. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS BUSINESS!!!!

  6. Thank you to all of the protesters and customers who complained when they were sold sick and under aged puppies…. this store was finally closed down by the county!!!

  7. We have heard they want to open at another location….we will be there to greet them… there are about 50 irate customers who were taken by them who will be there also. There is one customer who took their very sick puppy back last month and they said they would mail their refund back to them and never did…they will be there too.
    Perhaps their last landlords would like a piece of them too.. Oh and some veterinarians too….
    It will be quite a grand opening!!! (And Closing)!!!

  8. Darlena,

    Good work on this. People should buy puppies from registered breeders, not from stores like this. Better yet, there are many animals at the shelters who would love a new home. 🙁

  9. Puppy Love is a Scam. I bought a Puppy from Puppy Boutique in Dec 2009 and still have not rec’vd the paper work on my yorkshire terrier. I went into the store 4 months after we bought the puppy and the store stunk ,store was a mess , puppy barking and crying. The manager opened up and said she would have to look for the paper work. I told her I wanted a refund like my paperwork stated and she said there credit card machine was down. Then I called many times after that to try to talk to the owner Joey who never returned one of my calls. He was always out of town getting puppies for the store. Now the store is vacant with an eviction notice on the door.I am trying to get an address on the owner Ahmad Joey Kakar so I can take him to small claims. Anyone have an address on him please let me know. Thank You

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