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    1) does not have futuristic vision for the city
    2) relies too much on Fred Diaz and City Attorney for answering questions. Relies too much on Staff Advice, does not give fair hearing to the Fremont resident
    3) Crime has risen, burglaries are up. Fremont is no longer the 4th livable City in America, not even in the top 20 when compared to 4 yrs ago
    4) Proposed Utility Tax in 2006 for Serivces. City Staff found additional $3 million dollars later. If City Staff is not managing finances properly, what is Wasserman doing. Hello, Who is the City leader
    5) Does not consider Schools are part of City. Made multiple statements about this issue.
    6) Finally, raised about 150K from developers, special interests for this election cycle. Is he going to listen to resident concerns when some project proposal comes for vote. No way.

    Now he is talking jobs, economy etc etc. What has he done for the past 4 years. See the record and vote “NO” to Wasserman

    It is time to send Wasserman home.

  2. Unlike propositions, the Mayoral election does not have a yes/no option. We have to pick one of the three candidates.

    If we don’t vote for Wasserman, who do you recommend?

  3. I will vote for Bob Wasserman. His vision is economics development. I agree with him. If we build A’s Ballpark Village, more revenue will go to to the city. We can build cultural art center, improve centerville theater, library, and etc.

    Please vote Bob Wasserman for mayor on November 4.

  4. Hi, Brian Chang, I mean Sandy . .. . . always a strong Wasserman supporter – good to see you hanging in there for Bob.

    Yes to Whom – Wasserman has completely shot any ounce of trust through the forehead. Cho gets my vote because I see him as at least thoughtful. The two council members we put behind him will be as important as the Mayor . .

  5. If you are voting for an incumbent like Wasserman, better vote based on the tenure. His tenure has been pretty dismal for the past 4 years as I noted above and the record speaks for itself. Check for any City Council meeting minutes and you will know what I am talking about.

    Vote anybody else but NOT Wasserman. I wish there was more choice for the Mayor position.

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