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  1. “my decisions will be based solely on what I think is right for Fremont” – what happened to the community members of Fremont. Their concerns and input should come first always.

  2. From Vinnie Bacon’s web site:
    “I will listen to the people, understand their ideas, and truly represent them in our local government. I will ensure that the people of Fremont have an opportunity to participate in their local government and start making Fremont the best it can be.”

  3. Thanks Doug! This is a quote taken out of context by someone who is supporting one of my opponents. Only two sentences before I said:

    “We all believe that Fremont needs a fresh voice on the City Council that will truly represent the people of Fremont and their concerns.”

    My platform is based on the concerns of the average Fremont resident. My campaign is a grass-roots effort composed of volunteers concerned about their city.

    And just to be clear, let’s look at the entire section that was referenced.

    “Since there’s a potential conflict of interest, I’ve decided I will not take money from developers. I’m not tied to any current politicians and my decisions will be solely based on what I think is right for Fremont.”


  4. Bacon might be just what Fremont needs… before it becomes empty and vacant feeling like areas around Sacramento.

  5. “Ohlone Constituent” is an unusual nom de guerre.

    Do we have yet another district? Would Ohlone Constituent be someone representing the Ohlone Tribe or Ohlone College? Being a constituent of Ohlone sounds like they do not represent all of Fremont.

    Ohlone Constituent, care to expound?

  6. I’m surprised of all this commercials and expansion of Bacon’s campaign. Where is he receiving all these funds? A campaign – especially one that is not “receiving money from developers,” is hard to fund especially with all mechanisms Bacon is using to reach out to Fremont.

    Is the Dutra’s secretly assisting him?

    Answer Mr. Bacon please for clarification.


  7. I highly doubt the Dutras are assisting him.

    They have a “Suzanne Chan for City Council” sign in their front lawn.

  8. Yes! Who paid all of those fees to have that home video posted on You Tube? We want answers!

  9. Want to figure out who’s doing okay with contributions? Drive around town and count the number of campaign signs and their physical size for each candidate.

    Then, watch your mailbox and collect the printed pieces you receive. Keep a count to see who is well funded.

    Oh, the only way you’ll be able to keep count of those who aren’t well funded is by the fact you didn’t receive any.

    Yeah Marty, those home videos posted on YouTube, where’s my calcualtor?

  10. Interesting Race,

    My funds have come only from concerned Fremont residents. I can assure you I’m not secretly receiving funds from the Dutra’s. 🙂

    I’m proud to be running a very efficient, grass-roots campaign. We did not hire a campaign consultant. We’re doing activities that rely more on volunteers than on big money. I’m impressed and grateful for all of the help that I’ve received. It’s working!


  11. Some of the best advertising is word of mouth. Telling friends, family and neighbors they need to educate themselves on the candidates and what they stand for.
    Blogging on the Tri-City Beat can help too.

  12. Interesting Race sees the Bacon energy as odd. . . . to the point of questioning Bacon’s economic contributors.

    Isn’t it a shame when the status quo has degenerated to a point where a sincere grass-roots initiative fueled by some fresh and CRITICAL thinking, garners suspicion by those who have grown accustomed to pro-development politics.

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