(Fremont) Ride the slide

Tonight, Fremont’s Recreation Commission will receive proposed rates for the new water park opening next spring at Lake Elizabeth.

These rates have not been finalized and are subject to change:

Daily resident fee —  $14.99
Non resident fee —  $15.99
Daily resident shorter than four feet tall —  $9.99
Daily non-resident shorter than four feet tall — $10.00
Season Pass resident — $65
Season Pass non-resident — $70

Matt Artz

  • Ben Aguirre

    Is that picture from a Levitra commercial?

  • Jon Simon

    That’s basically the same rate as Great America adult passes. Other than being closer, will Fremont’s be as good? What are the age limitations?

    And most importantly, will we be allowed to go down the slides fully clothed like in the image above?

  • henrietta rehberg

    i think that the price is a bit high it should be a price per family by the day not per persons are you going to charge for parking too how can it be so high when the park is open to the public thats crazy.

  • Matt Artz


    That depends on what kind of ticket it is, at least according to the spreadsheet Fremont provided.
    It says that this year, Great America charges $39.99 for a day pass and $59.99 for a season pass. If that’s the case, the water park would have a reasonable day rate, but the better season pass deal would definetely be Great America.

  • Doug

    A bit more information on the city site:

    – Will be open from Memorial Day to Labor Day
    – Water play area open from 11:00 a.m. to 4 p.m.
    – Water play area to be rented after hours to organizations
    – Will have lap pool for senior morning swimmers
    – Official facility name: Fremont Bank Aqua Adventure

    The Sports Management Group report identified a target market of 700,000 using a draw radius of 20 miles from Fremont.

  • Californiaguy

    what was the cost for this. Is it open for only 4 months out of the year?

  • Matt Artz


    I’m hoping to do a short story about the pricing/water slide project tomorrow. I recall the that the entertainment super duper center will cost about $15 million, maybe a drop less.

  • Jen

    You’re kidding about the less than four feet tall rate, right?

    So is that meant to imply a child or a less than tall adult?

  • http://www.theargusonline.com Matt Artz

    The spreadsheet just gave height. It didn’t say anything about age. It goes to the recreation commission tonight.

  • Doug

    Californiaguy, Aqua Adventure will operate on average about 87 days a year x 5 hours per day (to the public). If you’re willing to tolerate a download speed of 150kB you can retrieve the Sports Management Group Marketing and Operational Analysis for the City of Fremont. Do a Search for Sports Management Group on http://www.fremont.gov and look for Dublin Report October. Note: This is a 5.3MB pdf download (about 7 min. on my Comcast line).

  • Andrew Cavette

    What a brilliant idea… Destroy a nice, cheap way to have fun in the sun, something EVERY Fremont resident could afford, and build an unsightly tangle of tubes that cost $15 just for a day.

    Also the fault line still runs underneath it, right? Lake Elizabeth is still a sag pound, yes? I would much rather be on the old, wood driving platform in the Swim Lagoon, then at the top of the water slide waiting my turn when the quake hits.

  • Jon Simon

    You’re correct. I was focusing on season passes since that’s all we buy nowadays. I too hope they come up with a family pass, because, as it is, we’d probably just go for Great America since they have rides in addition to the water park. $120 for a family of 4 for a year sounds about right. $150 tops.

  • Doug

    Andrew stated, “…an unsightly tangle of tubes that cost $15 just for a day.”

    I describe it as the evisceration of the swim lagoon.

  • .Coyote Bill

    New Water Park
    The tangle of garishly colored tubes is right next to fresh water wetlands, close to a major breeding area for Egrets.

    It is not green, think about the power it takes to run those pumps to move massive amounts of precious water. The evaporation rate will waste water.

    Taxpayers cost approximately $16 million dollars millions.

    It is only open 4 months out of 12

    What kind of Amphitheatre could we all enjoyed, year around for that kind of money
    or a Convention Center that would bring in revenue for the city and a place for the Fremont Symphony to play. They now have no home.
    We need a change of Councilmember’s, do not vote for a incompetent incumbent

  • Glenn

    Aside from the weak discounts for residents who funded the thing, I don’t understand how big yellow plastic tubes and screaming people got the a-ok, but BART running along the far side of the lake near the other trains had to go underground at considerable expense. But maybe I just like trains.

  • Doug

    Part of the SMG Operational Analysis states the attractions at the water park will need to be changed on a periodical basis to bring people back, otherwise they become bored with the facility.
    This becomes an additional expense.
    I also question how the city intends to compete advertising wise with Raging Waters, Great America and other water theme parks. Radio is one thing, television commercials another.
    The city is advertising for two positions should anyone be interested:
    Water Park Manager

    Water Park Revenue & Sales Manager

  • Marty

    Glenn, We have a Hooter’s. Is there any mystery then why we’d build a water park?

  • Jon Simon

    We need public transit from Hooters to the water park. Wukka wukka wukka!

  • marty

    If they served cocktails on the bus, I’d be all for it.

  • Smalls