Make a comment, win a shirt

((UPDATE)) Diamond Monkey, you are #2,008. Email me at martz@bayareanewsgroup.com if you want your prize. If I don’t hear from you, I’m offering it to the former paperboy.

Yay, we’re nearing our 2,000th comment. To celebrate, we’re going to give away this vintage, baby blue Argus/Fremont Festival of the Arts shirt to whoever makes the 2,008th approved comment.

The last couple of times we did this, we had winners reject offers of a Celebrate Fremont wine glass and fresh baked brownies. But, if you’re a size medium, you won’t want to pass this up this shirt. The former owner worked very hard in getting out some red sauce stains.

Matt Artz


  1. Cool, I’d love this t-shirt, I was a paper boy (as was my 3 other brothers) for the Daily Review in U.C. We held the paper route for over 15 years… this shirt would be worn with pride and I’m also a size medium! 🙂

    Chris Valle
    Fremont, CA

  2. Hey! I never rejected it. Between kids and work, it’s hard to make an extra trip. Plus, you ate the brownies!

  3. Hey, did Diamond monkey pick up his shirt? If not, email me. Thanks!

  4. Calm down dude… I’m a student at Cal and I haven’t had time to drive back home to Fremont this week.

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