New plans for Centerville Redevelopment Project

On Tuesday, the City Council will be asked to provide a new agreement with Blake Hunt Ventures to build something on the long-vacant lot in Centerville. Blake Hunt first got the job by promising a supermarket.

That flopped, but now they’re back with a housing developer and a project with ground floor retail and apartments on top. Some of the apartments would be live work units, which I don’t think Fremont has a lot of. Anyway the neighbors have said they don’t want housing there, so I might be in for long night at Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

Here is the outline of the proposal from the staff report:

1. Approximately 35,000 square feet of rentable retail space on Fremont Boulevard;

2. Approximately 200 to 300 residential rental apartments and live-work units. The residential
units would wrap around two parking structures and along the proposed new private street
between Post Street and Fremont Boulevard. It should be noted that the developers would not
accept language requiring that the project be built to a condominium standard, explaining that
instead they typically build to “first class apartment standards,” which would include laminate
counters and floors, and electric appliances. In addition, there would not be individual water
heaters in each unit, (each building would have a centralized boiler system), and sound
attenuation finishes would not include extra layers on floors and ceilings. The developer
explained that such upgrades would be cost prohibitive.

3. A pedestrian-friendly new private street bisecting the property from Fremont Boulevard to Post
Street that aligns with the entry to the commercial use on the east side of Post Street (Dale
Hardware) and that provides both pedestrian and vehicular circulation elements and a focus for
project entry features and plazas.

Matt Artz


  1. 2. Approximately 200 to 300 residential rental apartments and live-work units.

    Sounds like more need for that light rail transit line along Fremont Blvd.

  2. Why not put a Whole Foods there, the citizens of Fremont have wanted this for years!

  3. Another instant slum. Ignore the requests of the area residents and homeowners and build an “instant slum.” These projects turn into nuisances for the rest of the neighborhood. Read what the residents of “upscale” Santana Row have to say about their “luxury complex.” These won’t even reach that standard and will be noisy, uncomfortable, and will wind up being very cheap rentals.

    How about a high density shopping development – a Galleria with Whole Foods and even locally owned businesses on the upper floors?

  4. Well, let’s see –

    Promises of “the Globe” obtaining occupancy sometime in the future.

    Promises of the “Centerville Redevelopment” sometime in the future.

    Someday maybe we’ll tell you how we’re going to remediate the traffic problems of the propsed ballpark, and someday well tell you who’s gonna pay for the city-supplied services that will be the result of 10’s of thousands of fans wandering about your streets trying to get to or from the ballpark.

    Someday, someday, someday . . . . . .

    Sounds like an election year, folks – promises, promises, promises – and dont pay any attention to those men and woman behind the curtain – they’re going to make it better – someday!

  5. We got a chance to elect new people. If on Nov 4th, the same clowns belonging to one group get elected, don’t expect anything good even if 100’s of people go for any public hearing. Time for change. It is just 30 days away.

  6. Weickowski/Wasserman/Thamasbi are endorsed by the Fremont P.D.

    Birds of a feather . . . .

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