Second pet store protest set for 1 p.m. Sunday

I’m told protesters will again be outside Puppy Love Boutique this Sunday. Personally, I think the issue is worth 126 blog comments, but I wouldn’t miss NFL Football or the Bluegrass Festival in SF to cover it. I will try to look into this soon, though. It’s tough with election season in full swing.

Matt Artz


  1. Dear Mr. Artz,

    It is really sad that you feel that a football game or the Bluegrass festival is more important than a suffering dog in a small cage. I understand that certain things are more important to others but sometimes it’s better left unsaid.

  2. Julie,
    Full Disclosure:
    I haven’t eaten animal flesh in 19 years.
    I spent a month at Farm Sanctuary cleaning up farm animal poop for free.
    I’ve given more money to the Yes on 2 campaign than I care to admit.
    But my Sundays in autumn belong to the New York Football Giants. Unless, of course, it’s the first weekend of October, in which case I park myself in Golden Gate Park with a box of wine and listen to the Bluegrass Festival. If it makes you feel better, the Yes on 2 people will be there handing out fliers.

  3. Mr. Artz,

    Yes I am happy that you have done all you can to support this cause, but we are trying to get more people to understand the cruelty of Puppy mills and with your comments people will not take it seriously. Please keep supporting. Every bit of help is appreciated.

  4. Oh boy, another 100+ posts about the puppy store protests. Suggestion, maybe you need to start your own blog.

  5. i don’t understand the big deal about “puppy mills” etc. unless you’ve been to every single breeder and know for fact that every single one is ‘cruel’, your broad assumptions are harmful

  6. Mike,

    The very definition of puppy mill = cruelty. Please look it up. What is harmful are uninformed folks like yourself.

  7. Here we go, the mob rears it’s ugly head again. We should take bets on how fast these people stir up the BS they did last week. I’ve got dibs on the first 15 minutes.
    …and for Mike, good comment man. Simple, truthful, and spot on.

  8. good, humane breeders are labeled as “puppy mills” unfairly

  9. Thank you Mr. Artz. I love your truthful comment. these protesters just dont have anything better to do. Why dont you stop the harassment. get a life. the sad thing is that 120 of the blogs are from the protesters. they seem to attack anyone and everyone who makes a truthful comment about their “cause”. Thank you for speaking on our behalf. You do know that they are going to start attacking you now? I feel bad for you, you are their new target.. bunch of freaks

  10. mike,
    I agree with you 100%. are you freaks still protesting Ben & Jerrys for using cow milk? Mr. Artz, i suggest you go to the store and speak to the owner, Then You will see that all these protesters are evil liers!

  11. Yolanda, I wasn’t telling them to get a life. Only that I’ve got a right to my weekends and my wiseass remarks. I know of a lot of people who think I need to get a life for watching football on Sundays, although, in my case, at least, it’s the reigning Super Bowl Champions, and not some mickey mouse operation like the 49ers.
    Anyway, congratulations on being approved comment number 2,000. It means something to me.

  12. Hello All,

    Just to let you know I eat meat,drink milk and I don’t protest a lot of stuff. I believe that if you believe in something then stand up for it. I believe if you want a full breed dog then go to a good breeder or a shelter where you can get a full breed dog if you look hard enough. I do have a job and a life, but I feel pretty strongly about people who mistreat dogs. If you Google the Hunte Corp. there is a lot of stuff that has been written and proves that they buy from puppy mills and no not all breeders are bad in fact they are the best people to buy from. A good breeder will warranty their dogs sometimes for up to 3 months and will gladly take the dog back and give your money back. It’s good to do your homework.

  13. This is America. Progressive thinking has always been met with adversity and ridicule. Being against cruelty to animals is no different. You know what I think is funny? When chumps (like you, Yolanda) come on here and tell the people protesting to go and get a life. Is there nothing better for you to do, then come on here just to tell other people to “get a life”? To me, that means that YOU need to get a life.

  14. It’s obvious that some of the people on this blog think that it is “freakish” to be concerned about the welfare and treatment of animals. Shame on you all for your ignorance, stubbornness, and apathetic attitude towards the suffering of another living creature. Our choices as consumers have consequences.

  15. What people must know is that there is a big difference between a puppy mill and a breeder. Although a puppy mill is technically a breeder, they are a junk breeder.
    You get a better price is most cases but there is the problem of the cruelty as well as the genetic problems created by in-breeding.
    A quality ‘breeder’ considers all their animals as ‘part of their family’; even after the sale. You also generally get extremely long warranties.
    No pet store can make money buying dogs from breeders because breeders are more expensive than puppy mills.

    I am no environmentalist, but I don’t see the point in doing business with puppy mills when there are quality breeders and a large number of dogs at local ‘dog pounds’ (animal control/ASPCA).

    To address the other comments; I am no protester. I have never gone out and stood around protesting anything and generally I agree that many protesters are just looking for a life.
    That being said I do believe that there are things that are worth protesting. That Ben & Jerry protest mentioned here is ludicrous as many protests are. I will say that it is sad that you lump together a real animal abuse issue with the militant PETA type people and some of their crazy complaints.

  16. Julie,
    You Are a HYPOCRITE! You eat animal flesh and at the same time you are protesting for animal rights. What about the right of the cows that are slaughtered and stuffed into your mouth??? You people are a joke!

  17. Yolanda,

    You’re kind of funny… I am standing up for the rights of dogs, as far as cows if they tortured the cows before making them into my dinner then I would have a problem. It’s the circle of life. Remember the local meat plant that was mistreating the cows before slaughter, yeah I have a problem with that. Right now I have a problem with the mistreatment of dogs. Please investigate this you will be amazed and sad when you do. You take the time to sit there and blog and tell me how much of a HYPOCRITE I am. Take a minute and Google puppymill and Haute Corp. you won’t be sorry

  18. Julie, if you investigated how animal flesh makes it to market, I doubt you’d have a leg to stand on.

    Pigs are skinned alive. Chickens are decapitated. Cows are lined up and pelted one by one on the skull with a compressed hammer device. Some times, this device ends up in the hands of a dispassionate killer who roams rural Texas murdering nearly every bystander in his pursuit of $2 million obtained by a welder near the dead remains of several drug runners who have all killed each other in an exchange gone violently wrong.

  19. Marty, thank you for making a joke out of the slaughter of animals. Apathy is bliss, isn’t it?

    Julie, I am not being confrontational, but please investigate the lives of animals on factory farms. They are, indeed, tortured, and if finding that out is something that will make you have a problem with eating meat, then I encourage you to do so. The beginning of Marty’s post is accurate, although there are much more horrible things done to these animals than he listed. Please read the book: “Slaughterhouse”. It is very telling.

    There you go again, Yolanda. I think you are a joke. How about you spend your time working on a cause you believe in, instead of criticizing other people for doing just that.

  20. Hi Jim

    Thanks for the information. I will look into it. I am not forcing this down anyones throat I would just like people to to look into this and see for themselves and get their own opinion. If they feel it is not worth their time or mabey change how they feel about the mistreatment of dogs then good, but if not then good too it is their decision. Just don’t knock me for the good I am trying to do, at least I am doing something and not sitting on my yahoo complaining about something like this. There are complainers and do’ers. and apparently these people are just complainers.

    Thanks Jim I will look into the cow situation.

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