Intersted in future housing developments in Newark?

Development leaders are hosting a community meeting Wednesday night at the Newark Community Center to share and discuss some of the proposed plans for housing development within the city.

By 2014, Newark will have to accommodate for 1,800 new housing units, a third of which is required by the state to be of the high-density (aka: apartments) fashion. Spoke to Terrence Grindall, director of community development, and he said this is meeting is an opportunity for residents to share their comments and concerns about such projects, which could involve tearing down shopping center(s) or abandoned school site(s) currently being used for other purposes.

Grindall notes that some of these solutions are controversial, which is part of the reason why the development agency is looking for input from the community.

The meeting will start at 7 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 8, at the Newark Community Center, 35501 Cedar Blvd.


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