Talking dog

I suppose this video is appropriate since the Giants are going down in the Dawg Pound tonight. Eli, Eli, Eli.

I don’t mean to give too much attention to Vinnie Bacon, but I’ve always had a thing for talking dogs. I wonder if he/she can also write mean-spirited anonymous blog comments.

Matt Artz


  1. …and so goes my contention in survival football. The Giants were the only lock this week.

  2. Do you mean a bit of levity on the campaign tail??

    I worked in land development in Fremont for several years and I can’t speak for all the developments but the ones I worked on sure did pay their fair share to the COF. The people representing the city were always very tough but fair.

    Change and development are beneficial to everyone when the proper mitigation for the development is determined. Scapegoats are just political spin.

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