Yamaguchi for Chan

Finally got to look at the campaign filings. The best-known contributor in Fremont is Kristi Yamaguchi. The Olympic champ gave $500 to Sue Chan.

Trisha Tahmasbi had to settle for Fabian Nunez’s campaign fund and Bob Wieckowski’s secretary.

Those of you who keep pointing to Chan’s ties to former Assemblyman John Dutra and Tahmasbi’s ties to her boss, current Assemblyman Alberto Torrico, should feel better than I feel with the NY Giants losing to the Browns at halftime.

If your name was Dutra, you were giving to Chan: John, Dominic, Bernadine, Lisa … Shlomo, Moishe — you name it. The Dutras delivered more than $5,000 to Chan.

As for Tahmasbi, she got more than 5k from the political action committees of 11 state legislators. She also got money from Anu Natarajan, Bill Harrison and his wife, and Wiekowski and his girlfriend. Wieckowski’s secretary, Stacey Stevens, gave Tahmasbi $450.

Overall Chan had more contributions and a higher percentage of contributions coming from Fremont residents.

I wrote a story about this for tomorrow’s paper. to read it, click here.

Matt Artz